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Henna Brow: Ultimate Guide

Henna Brow: Ultimate Guide Thin eyebrows with poor volume may ruin a good picture by making your face look washed out. Even a pretty face needs well-defined brows because they are one of the most prominent facial features. However, most people wonder whether they can tint or dye their eyebrows with henna for long-lasting results.  …

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How long does Henna Last?

How long does Henna Last? Henna is an organic dye available in powder form. It is widely used in Asian, African, and Arabic countries, usually on special occasions and events.  The dye in Henna leaves a stain when you apply it to your skin or hair that will last for 2-3 weeks. You can also …

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How to Remove Eyeliner Easily

How to Remove Eyeliner Easily Table of Contents Nothing is more frustrating than stubborn eyeliner smudging and refusing to come off after a night out. Almost all makeup enthusiasts are familiar with how difficult eye makeup, in general, is to get off.  Not correctly removing eye makeup can be disastrous for your skin, as with …

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