Henna Brow: Ultimate Guide

Henna Brow: Ultimate Guide

Thin eyebrows with poor volume may ruin a good picture by making your face look washed out. Even a pretty face needs well-defined brows because they are one of the most prominent facial features. However, most people wonder whether they can tint or dye their eyebrows with henna for long-lasting results. 

Yes, you can dye your eyebrows with henna to retain the shape and the natural-looking dark stain for a few weeks. 

Since henna also dyes the eyebrows’ skin, the dark stain provides better shape and definition to the brows and the face. 

Here’s all you need to know about henna brows before you decide to go for it.

What is brow henna?

Brow henna is the process of applying powdered henna leaves made into a paste to the brows to give them a natural tint. It dyes the skin underneath the eyebrows’ hair follicles and adds tint to the brow hairs. The darker shade of the brow follicles and the skin beneath create a thicker and fuller look.

It is slightly different from brow tint. While brow tinting colors only the hairs in the eyebrows, leaving the skin as it is, brow henna covers both the skin and the follicles, giving a darker and more prominent appearance to the brows.

It’s the natural way to mimic the work of an eyebrow definer for long. Instead of painting your eyebrows with makeup, the brow henna naturally adds definition and volume to the brows until the dye fades away.

How to maintain henna brows?

Keep a few things in mind to help maintain henna brows for a long time.

● First, avoid sunbathing or exposing yourself to harsh sunlight for a day after dyeing your eyebrows, as it may lighten the color.

● Do not use intense makeup removers on the brows for at least a day to avoid fading the color.

● Finally, avoid going for facial treatments for a day or two after getting the brows dyed.

How often do you re-dye henna brows?

While the henna stain on the brows may last for nearly two weeks, the dye on the skin beneath the hair follicles in the eyebrow area can last about six weeks. However, it also depends on the client’s skin type. For example, people with oily skin may find the stain fading away faster. Thus, it is best to re-dye henna brows every seven to eight weeks.

How to remove henna from eyebrows?

There is no way to instantly remove henna stain from the brow hair or the skin. Regular washing of the face, showering, and oil secretion on the facial skin fade away the stains naturally. 

 Unfortunately, it takes time to fade away naturally, and it’s usually a period of two to four weeks. 

 However, you may aid the fading process faster with a few homely tips:
● First, scrub the area gently with an exfoliator to soften the tint. 
● Next, use a mild shampoo to wash your eyebrows and fade out the color. 
● Using a silicone-based makeup remover may also help fade out the stain. 
● Finally, dilute a paste of baking soda and lemon juice with warm water. Dip a cotton swab and apply the solution to the henna brows to lighten the color in a few days. 

Moreover, if you feel you have accidentally added or spilled excess henna outside the brow shape, wipe off immediately with a cotton swab or earbud. This helps to prevent staining the area. 

Always wipe the part you wish to remove with a dry cotton swab and then a wet cotton swab for best results. It’s difficult to remove the stain once the henna is dry or left for too long.

How to henna eyebrows?

Usually, skin clinics are the best places to go for henna brows. An eyebrow specialist can do the job quite flawlessly as per the client’s demands. However, with practice and adapting the proper techniques, you may do it yourself, too. 

A preparatory stage involves scrubbing, cleaning, and threading the eyebrows mandatorily. 

Scrubbing and cleaning remove the excess oil that prevents henna from staining the skin. In addition, threading the eyebrows helps you maintain the shape while dyeing. 

Finally, you need to add a few drops of water to powdered henna to make a thick paste. A runny paste isn’t good enough for the eyebrows. 

Using a thin brush or applicator, fill in the shape of the eyebrows with the henna paste. It is best to define the brow shape previously with a pencil. Next, apply some oil outside the borders to prevent accidental staining.

How much do henna eyebrows cost?

Henna eyebrows may cost you anything from $35 to $75. The costs vary depending upon the clinic you choose and the preparation involved in the treatment. The fee includes the price of scrubbing, waxing, threading, and cleaning the eyebrows before actually dyeing the area with henna paste to achieve the desired results.

How long does henna tint last on eyebrows?

Henna tint lasts for two to three weeks on the hair follicles of the eyebrows. The tint on the skin of the eyebrow area can stay intact for six weeks. Therefore, once you get henna brows done, the effect may remain for nearly six weeks. However, people with oily skin may find the tint staying for a shorter period. People with dry to normal skin can see the tint remaining longer.

How long do you leave the henna on your eyebrows?

Your eyebrows can appear too dark and unnatural if you leave the henna for too long. The stain may be too strong and deep for areas like the eyebrow. Thus, let the paste remain for 10 to 15 minutes maximum before wiping it off with a cotton pad. The stain formed on the skin during this time will naturally darken further to provide a natural, well-shaped, and well-defined look.

What is the best henna for eyebrows?

The best henna for eyebrows is usually a dark brown color or one with a blackish tint. You may also combine the two shades for the best natural tint to the eyebrows. It lends them an authentic, fuller look. 

How to apply henna to eyebrows?

You can execute the process of applying henna to eyebrows at home by following a few simple steps:

Step 1: Clean your eyebrows with eye makeup remover to remove traces of makeup or excess skin oil. Oily skin prevents the henna from dyeing the skin. Also, scrub the area gently to remove the dead skin cells.

Step 2: Apply some skin protection cream or petroleum jelly around the eyebrows that you would be dyeing. This prevents the skin around the eyebrows from accidentally getting tinted.

Step 3: Use an angled eyebrow brush or applicator to apply the henna paste. Try to achieve the perfect brow shape for the best results. You may wipe off any excess to maintain the shape. 10 to 15 minutes should be enough to tint the eyebrows with the henna paste.

Step 4: Use a cotton pad to remove the paste from the brows.  


Henna brows are better solutions for getting fuller and darker eyebrows for defined facial features than eyebrow tint and makeup. The henna paste stains the skin beneath the eyebrow hair follicles and brow hair for better volume and definition. It is easy to get henna brow treatment at a skin clinic even though you can follow the process at home too by following the steps very carefully. Investing 10 to 15 minutes in the whole procedure produces the desired results.