How to Do Bat Wing Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes?

How To Do Bat Wing Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes?

It is pretty cool and surprisingly simple to do that bat wing eyeliner look. But, many find it challenging, resulting in messing up everything! So, how to apply the eyeliner professionally then?

The key to applying that batwing eyeliner for hooded eyes is to make the wing with eyes open. You can use the malleable pencil for that purpose!

Suppose you are also dying to get that fresh and catty eyeliner look but have no idea how to apply the eyeliner in the right way. Fortunately, you have landed at the right place. Here we have tested multiple types of batwing eyeliner according to eye shape!

How To Apply Bat Wing Eyeliner?

Women with hooded eyes dream to apply the batwing eyeliner. But, soon after applying eyeliner, as one tries to open the eyes, everything becomes messy and starts looking weird!

Today, you will know the right way to apply batwing eyeliner. Just keep on following these steps:

Step 1: Keep your eye open, look straight into the mirror and draw the bottom of the wing at the outer corner of your eye. Here, you can draw as far as you need your wing to be in an outward direction.

Step 2: It’s time to connect the wing. Again, keep your eye open. Draw the top line by starting from your eyelid and ending at the crease of your eye.

Step 3: Now, line your upper lash line. So, draw it just the same way as you apply regular eyeliner!

Step 4: Once you have completed these steps, you will get a gap or a notch where your lid connects with the brow bone. Connect these two parts. You will get that batwing shape when you close your eyes. 

Note: The shape and appearance of your winged eyeliner would probably be different when your eyes are open compared to closed eyes.

What Are The Different Types Of Batwing Eyeliner?

Who does not love that bold look? Everyone wants to look pretty is the dream of every woman. So, to get those blushed cheeks, red pouts, and long lashes, you need to opt for a few tricks and secret ways to apply makeup.

Find the various types of bet wing eyeliner just below:

Old Hollywood Bat Wing Eyeliner: It is bold but simple and looks spectacular with ruby-red lipstick.

Foggy Batwing Eyeliner:  the eyeliner looks opaque and transparent at the same time and would be a perfect choice if you need that traditional look!

Classic Black Batwing Eyeliner: the eyeliner looks gorgeous, and you can make them shorter or wider wings to get the prettiest look!

Sheer Gray Batwing Eyeliner: you don’t need to use a liquid or a crayon eyeliner. Instead, you can also go for the color of your choice and can get that unique look just the way sheer gray batwing eyeliner gives to you!

Subtle Batwing Eyeliner: Don’t trace that dramatic wing if you have pretty hooded eyes. As the shape of your stable batwing would look bolder in case if traced.

Dramatic Batwing Eyeliner: Though the batwing eyeliners are pretty simple and easy to apply, you can add a dramatic look by making them bold.

Icy Batwing Eyeliner: it’s crystal clear how great and beautiful a batwing eyeliner looks alone. Pair it up with a partial or fully shaded lid, and it can surprise everyone!

Minimalist Black Bat Wing Eyeliner: It is all about that simple black bat-winged eyeliner, which alone looks bold and just enough.

Burgundy Bat Wing Eye Liner: If you want to get an alluring and natural look, this type of eyeliner will be the best choice for you.

What Are The Different Eye Shapes And Bat Eye Wing Liners?

The winged eyeliner, also popularly known as the cat eyeliner, suits every type of eye. But, you need to take care while selecting the kind of winged eyeliner following your eye type. First, it is essential to consider the eye type and choose the eyeliner.

To help you out, here we will mention the various types of winged eyeliners you can pick from, just considering the kind of eyes you have!

Batwing Eyeliner For Small Eyes

Even if you have small eyes, your trick to apply the eyeliner can make your eyes look prettier. For instance, you can apply a double wing to show your eyes wide.

Start applying the eyeliner at the upper lash line and then make a tiny flick towards the outside. Next, apply the liner just the same way on your lower lash line but not more than the middle of your eye. Otherwise, it will give you an appearance of closed eyes.

Batwing Eyeliner For Monolid Eyes

If you have an ignorable crease, it means you have monolid eyes. And, for these eyes, a thin liner will be a perfect choice. Use liquid liner, and make sure the liner is straight. Keep the eyeliner tip at the pupil and draw a very thin line towards the outer corner. And, again, starting from the inside corner of your eye and meeting it up at the end.

Batwing Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes 

If the crease of your eyes is not visible when they are open, you have hooded eyes. Unfortunately, most makeup tutorials explain how to make eyes with the crease. Therefore, many females with such eyes get exhausted as they fail to get the idea to apply the eyeliner.

Create an outer wingtip where the lid’s hood starts for such a type of eye. Make sure your lid is not hiding the liner. Apply the liner towards the inner side in a thin stroke. You can change the width of the liner depending on your needs.

Batwing Eyeliner For Downturned Eyes 

If you have downturned eyes, start applying the eyeliner from the inside corner of your eyes towards the external corner in a thin line. And, in the end, extend this line towards the crease in an upward direction. It will give you a pretty look; moreover, you can choose a lovely shade that complements eye color!

Batwing Eyeliner For Almond Eyes 

If you have almond eyes, you can benefit from your lid space; start applying the liner from the inner corner of your eyes along with your lash line. Stop using the liner as you reach the tip from where the crease of your eyes starts.

Batwing Eyeliner For Round Eyes 

If you have round eyes, start applying the liner from the outside corner of your eye. Then, draw at a downward angle towards the outer corner of your eye. And, keep on applying the liner till you reach the center of your eyes. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Do You Mean By Bat Eyeliner?

It is a type of eyeliner applied for hooded eyes. It gives that cat-eye appearance and lets your eyes look wide and big.

Can You Name Different Types of Eyeliners? 

The following are the most common types of eyeliners:

· Liquid eyeliner
· Gel eyeliner
· Eyeshadow as eyeliner
· Pen eyeliner

Can You Use Pencil Eyeliner To Create The Winged Eyeliner?

Yes, you can quickly draw the winged eyeliner with the help of pencils. The pencils are pretty easy to use and always give you the most beautiful look for work!


Batwing eyeliner is the most popular and incredible look that every woman wants to apply without the mess. But, for many, it is pretty challenging. Therefore they search for the right way to spread the batwing eyeliner.

Never apply the liner with an open eye, as it can mess up everything. Instead, always open your eyes and see straight through the mirror while applying the eyeliner!