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Welcome to Farishta Beauty. I am so glad to have you on our beauty blog website. It is because of you beautiful people that I decided to create this website. The entire team at Farishta Beauty hopes you find the information and products helpful. 

Who is behind Farishta Beauty?

My name is Iqra. I am the founder and CEO of Farishta Beauty. I want to welcome and thank you being part of my journey.

As the head artist of Farishta Beauty I was inspired by many young individuals who just were like me passionate about makeup. I still remember back in the day after my part time job I would go to many different artist and makeup stores. I would try to understand and test different products. 

I  had no idea what I was doing and that’s when I  started doing research. Which eventually led me to understanding makeup, hair and skincare.

I then started to do makeup and hair on different client after school and even on weekend for parties, weddings, etc. I noticed all of my clients loved the exotic makeup styles. 

That’s when I decided to really get into the exotic Arabic style of makeup.

I got the opportunity to travel to Dubai and Kuwait to receive formal training on Arabic style makeup. Through my hard work and effort, I decided to finally open up Farishta Beauty. A company that creates magic and  opportunities. Farishta beauty isn’t just MUA’s but it’s also our lashes. We have our own line of 100% cruelly free mink lashes that go with all types of looks.

Farishta Beauty has helped many clients achieve a fabulous look. It has also helped many makeup artists start their own business. 

I’ve vetted each one of my MUA’s personally to make sure the quality is there. Having multiple artists allows us to be more versatile and specialize in distinctive looks.

Farishta Beauty is my heart, and with the bottom of my heart I thank you and welcome you to a burst of knowledge and opportunities.

Best Regards, 



Our Eyelashes

In addition to full-service hair and make-up for weddings, special events and more. Farishta artists also created a line of high-quality cruelty-free lashes that fit everyone’s eyes. Keeping that in mind, we decided to create a brand of eyelashes that highlights both quality and affordability. In the beauty industry, we aim to provide the best handmade 100% Mink Lashes while maintaining reasonable prices for our customers.


We are excited to provide you with Farishta Beauty Lashes!


Makeup and Skin Care Education

Makeup, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, can be scary. One slip of the brush, and you might need to start again. That is why we have written articles giving you tips and tricks for makeup, skincare and more. We’ve been working hard on these articles, so your comments are appreciated. To read our beauty blog, click here


If you have a request for a topic like a question or need advice, click here, or the tab called “Request a Topic,” and we’ll be happy to answer it.


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Getting in Contact

It’s effortless to get in contact with us. Feel free to call Iqra, our president at 416-831-9950 or email us at infofarishtabeauty@gmail.com, and a member of our team will reply.

You can also go to our contact us page here and fill out the details.