What Are the Effective Substitutes for Eyelash Glue

What Are the Effective Substitutes for Eyelash Glue?

Eyes are the soul’s windows and give a glimpse of your personality and style. But they are sensitive too, especially when using alternatives to eyelash glue.

The best and most effective substitutes for eyelash glue is homemade eyelash glue, mascara, water-activated eyelashes, or pre-glued eyelashes!

These alternatives are safe to use and have their benefits and detriments. The one you choose depends on your needs, how permanent, and how long you must use these fake eyelashes!

Here, we have tested each suggestion and gathered incredible ways to use fake eyelashes without glue. So, dive into this reading and make non-toxic glue at home!

What Can I Use Instead of Eyelash Glue?

Every one of us wants those long eyelashes that make our eyes pop up. But would you like to risk your health by applying the wrong adhesives? The answer would be a big No!

The following are the alternatives that you can use instead of eyelash glue. These alternatives are safe to use. 

You Can Use Mascara

The first and the best alternative for eyelash glue is mascara. It functions just perfectly and will let your fake eyelash stay on for a long time. Though you may find it pretty tricky initially, you can do it like a professional with practice.

To use the mascara as a substitute for eyelash glue, follow the under given steps: 

  1. Apply the mascara to your eyes
  2. Place the fake lashes just after a few seconds. It helps to use your fingers for this. 
  3. Press the eyelashes for a while and if you feel that lashes are loose, apply another layer of mascara. 

Use Magnetic Eyelashes 

Magnetic eyelashes will be a fantastic choice if you are tired of trying different synthetic eyelash glues. The eyeliners contain FDA-approved iron oxides that let your magnetic eyelashes stay in place. Iron oxide is a mineral pretty small in size, so it would not affect your eyes.  

To use the magnetic eyelashes:

  1. Apply the liner and wait 
  2. Apply the magnetic eyelashes, which will maintain the eyeliner also
  3. For many eyelashes which feel loose, you can use mascara

Note: You can use these magnetic eyelashes without any risk. And, it will not burden your pocket also!

Use Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

Pre-glued eyelashes are also available in the market. All you need to do is to apply the lashes to your eyes. The best feature of these eyelashes is their ease of use. As they come with a glue strip, you can apply them quickly as they go out of the package. 

Women who are always in a hurry and find no time to apply glue or mascara find this option a great help. There is nothing critical in applying skin self-adhesive eyelashes except patience and practice!  

Can You Make Homemade Glue For Eyelash?

Of course, it’s a yes. Anyone can make the glue for your fake eyelashes at home by using simple and readily available ingredients. Above all, this homemade glue is affordable and safe to use.

And those who are allergic to other synthetic eyelash glues can also use it.

Ingredients needed to make homemade eyelash glue

To make this natural and homemade eyelash glue, you will need the following components: 

  1. Sugar (half cup)
  2. Honey (Just a single drop)
  3. Water (2 tbsp)
  4. Non-toxic glue (a drop) 

Preparation of homemade eyelash glue

Mix everything in a bowl till everything gets mixed appropriately. Before applying this mixture to your false eyelashes, make sure the sugar is dissolved completely. The granulated sugar does not melt quickly and can damage your eyes. 

The best thing about this homemade eyelash glue is that you know about all the ingredients. And, you are assured that nothing is going to irritate your eyes. So, this substitute is a blessing for those who have a problem with synthetic glue. Moreover, it is cheap, and all the ingredients are available in the home.  

How to apply homemade eyelash glue?

After the glue preparation, the next step is to apply glue to fake eyelashes. You can use a small spatula or cotton swab for the accurate glue application. Before applying the glue, make sure it is gluey enough to hold your lashes for a long time. 

The exact amount of homemade glue needed depends on its stickiness. Apply one to two drops of glue and make sure it will stay there for a long time, even after some unwanted movements. 

How long does homemade eyelash glue last? 

It is homemade glue made from all-natural ingredients. It is free from preservatives. Therefore, you cannot store it for a long time. So, whenever you need glue, prepare fresh.

Most experts recommend keeping the eyelash glue in a dry and cool place. This glue is free from preservatives, so the homemade glue will not stay longer and becomes a crusty paste within a few hours.

What’s The Safest Glue For Eyelash?

Eyes are susceptible, therefore all-natural or safe to use eyelash glues are pretty much in demand. These products are not risky for the eyes. However, do not forget to check the glue composition and apply it to your skin before using it with eyelashes. This test is to check whether you are allergic to the used chemicals or not. 

The glue’s quality and composition are essential to decide whether the glue is safe to use or not. 

Therefore, pay attention and consider the following while you are buying the fake eyelash glue:

  • Glue with Rubber composition: Latex is a natural type of rubber. It is the primary ingredient of eyelash glues, where latex increases the resistance of glue against water and ensures longer retention. Unfortunately, many people are allergic to latex or rubber. Therefore, one must go for latex-free glue as this kind of allergic reaction can turn out to be dangerous in many cases.
  • Silicone Composition: Glue must be transparent and have average consistency. Moreover, it should be free from silicone as it causes irritation and eye-redness.

Note: If you are trying to attach the eyelashes by yourself, be careful. As most of the time, minor negligence causes significant problems. Therefore, try to seek the help of an experienced person to avoid the issues.

Is Eyelash Glue Safe for Your Eyes?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Eyelash glue can damage your eyes. The glue that gets into your eye can scratch the cornea and result in scarring. In addition, different allergic reactions can occur around your eyes, and vapors from other glues irritate different eyes. 

In many cases, it is also observed that glue can cause inflammation of the cornea. It also affects the skin, which protects the eyelids. In addition, the toxic chemical present in glues can cause cancer. The loss of lashes is also standard these days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Eyelashes Stick Without Glue?

Manufacturers are now providing pre-glued eyelashes, making this job easy for the users.

Besides that, magnetic eyeliners in different colors are also available. Water-activated eyelashes are another great alternative. Soak the eyelashes in water and apply.

Can I Use Vaseline As Eyelash Glue?

You cannot use Vaseline as eyelash glue. But it can easily remove the eyelashes. The Vaseline dissolves the glue and can easily remove the eyelashes. As you know, Vaseline is obtained during oil refining, so use it carefully. It’s a bit strong!

Can I Use Honey as Eyelash Glue?

You cannot use honey alone as eyelash glue. Honey does not dry and will not hold your lashes tightly. Moreover, honey eyelashes would feel sticky and messy, irritating you. 

You can use honey with other ingredients like water, sugar, and non-toxic glue to make natural eyelash glue. This glue will be natural, free of toxic substances and allergens.

Can I Use Nail Glue For Fake Eyelashes?

Eyelashes have become a part of fashion over the last few years. But using nail glue for your eyelashes does not sound horrible? Never use nail glue to apply fake eyelashes, as it is pretty strong. So, it will not be safe for the eyes. It would help if you searched for harmless glue. 


Over the last few years, fake eyelashes have become part of fashion. But, using synthetic glue to apply eyelashes is a bit risky, especially when you are not that trained. So then, what should one do? Go for some natural and non-toxic alternatives. 

What if I say anyone can make eyelash glue from the simple ingredients available in your kitchen? Yes, you heard it right. A recipe to make the eyelash glue at home has been discussed above in this article. So, try that one!