How to clean the magnetic lashes?

How to clean the magnetic lashes?

When you’re in a hurry putting on eyelashes with glue and then setting it on with tweezers is too much of a hassle. You can use magnetic lashes instead to avoid that entire nuisance because once you get the hang of wearing these eyelashes, it gets easier to use them night and day.

To maintain the quality of magnetic lashes, you need to clean them regularly.

The best way to clean magnetic lashes are:
1. Using Rubbing Alcohol
2. Using Micellar Water 
3. Non-Oil Makeup Remover 

Now we have taken the liberty to test each one ourselves so that you don’t have to. So pick the one that fits you the best. 

You probably have everything you need to clean your eyelashes at home for any of these methods.

Method 1: (Rubbing Alcohol):

Rubbing alcohol will not only clean your eyelashes, but being an antiseptic, it will also disinfect your eyelashes, leaving your eyes less prone to acquiring infections.

What you need: 

– Rubbing Alcohol 
– Cotton Swab 
– Q-Tip

Steps to follow: 

1) Wet the cotton swab with alcohol 
2) Using the cotton swab, rub away all of the makeup from the eyelashes 
3) Alternatively, you can add alcohol to a small container and then submerge the eyelashes for 2 minutes
4) Remove the eyelashes 
5) With a q-tip, you can clean the eyelashes of any remaining accumulated product.

Method Two (Micellar Water):

An inexpensive and multi purpose way.

What you need:

– Micellar Water 
– Q-Tip

Steps to Follow:

1) Saturate a q tip with micellar water 
2) Rub it on the eyelash to remove all the makeup

Method Three (Non-Oil Makeup Remover):

Non-oil makeup remover helps to remove magnetic lashes and at the same time stops your lashes from breaking.

What you need:

– Small Container 
– Non-Oil Makeup Remover 
– Tweezers
– Q-Tip

Steps To Follow:

1) Take a small container and add your non-oil makeup remover to it
2) Fill the container enough to dip the eyelashes in it completely
3) Place the eyelashes in it and let it sit for 5 minutes
4) After that, you can remove them from the container with the help of tweezers and then take off any residue still present on the eyelash with a q-tip

NOTE: For better results, once again dip the eyelashes in the eye makeup remover and move them side to side to get rid of any remaining substance. 

5) Let them dry and then comb them with an eyelash comb to restore the shape of the lashes

How to clean magnetic eyeliner lashes?

Unlike magnetic strip eyelashes, magnetic eyeliner lashes can get built-up residues, which are used to apply the eyelash. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow in cleaning the magnetic eyeliner lashes: 

First, take off the eyelashes. To do that:

1) Take a cotton swab dipped in the non-oil makeup remover or rubbing alcohol
2) Gently rub it over the eyelash, and when the eyeliner starts to dissolve, take off the eyelash. This way, you can save your natural eyelashes from coming out
3) After you take off your eyelashes, you can again use a cotton swab and rub it to clean any residues of the eyeliner from the eyelash

Second, remove the magnetic liner. To do that: 

1) Take a cotton pad and apply some makeup remover on it
2) Place the cotton pad on your eyelid, where you have applied the eyeliner
3) Let it sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute
4) Now swipe it off gently such that the liner comes off as well. You can also take petroleum jelly and gently rub it on the liner
5) As soon as the liner dissolves, clean it with a cotton pad
6) Once you’re done removing the eyeliner, you can clean your eyes with makeup remover.

How to clean magnetic lashes without makeup remover?

It’s not necessary to use makeup remover to clean your eyelashes. Besides a makeup remover, rubbing alcohol is one of the best options to clean magnetic eyelashes.

The rubbing alcohol dissolves all the makeup and therefore helps clean the eyelash. There are two methods with which you can clean them using alcohol.

Method 1:

Pour some rubbing alcohol into the bowl and soak your eyelashes in it. Let them sit for 2 minutes. Then, take them out and gently rub away any eye makeup left on the eyelash using a q-tip.

Method 2: 

Take a cotton swab and dampen it with alcohol. Now swipe it along the lash strip and the lash band to remove all the eyelash makeup. If you don’t want to lose a good pair of magnetic eyelashes too soon, don’t forget to clean the magnets because if left dirty for too long, they might eventually stop sticking.

How to clean Tori Belle Magnetic Eyelashes?

To clean your Tori Belle cosmetics magnetic eyelashes, you only need to scrape off any magnetic residue liner or makeup product from the magnets and the lashes.

What you need:

· Q-tip or cotton swab

Steps to follow: 

1) Rub a dry cotton swab on the magnets to scrape off the remnants
2) We use a magnetic liner to apply these eyelashes. Therefore it is essential to clean it on the lashes. Furthermore, it is preferable to clean them every time you remove the eyelashes. Otherwise, dirty magnets won’t adhere well together

Note: According to Tori Belle cosmetic applying any liquid to the lashes or the magnets can ruin it. So you need to be careful while cleaning your lashes.

How do you clean Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes?

By following these few steps, you can easily clean your magnetic lashes to ensure a perfect lash for the next time you use them.

What you need:

– Q tip
– Micellar water or non-oil makeup remover

Steps to follow:

1) Apply a bit of makeup remover or micellar water to your q-tip
2) Then clean the tiny magnets present on the lash band of the eyelash with the q-tip.

Note: Don’t use oil-based removers for this purpose because they can ruin the magnetic eyelashes.

How to clean Kiss Magnetic Eyelashes?

You can clean your Kiss magnetic eyelashes the same way as to strip eyelashes or magnetic liner eyelashes.

What you need: 

– Q tip
– Micellar water

Steps to follow: 

1) Soak the q-tip with micellar water and rub it off softly on the magnets to remove any makeup or liner from the lash without damaging the eyelash itself
2) Store them in their case prepared for subsequent use

How to clean Ardell Magnetic Eyelashes?

Even though Ardell claims that their eyelashes don’t require much aftercare, you still need to be cautious to get a lot of value out of the lashes. 

What you need: 

– Cotton swab 
– Non-oil makeup remover or micellar water

Steps to follow: 

1) Take off your eyelashes:

– To take them off, you can first rub off the eyeliner using a cotton swab dipped in
makeup remover so that eyeliner dissolves thus, the lashes come off quite easily. This
will help keep your natural lashes undamaged. 

2) Then you can use a cotton swab or a q-tip soaked with micellar water-soaked to clean the lashes


Magnetic lashes have changed the way you do your eyelashes. Now you don’t need to apply any harmful glue, especially for sensitive eyes. Instead, these adhere to your eyelid with the aid of magnetic strips or magnetic eyeliner. 

Putting on lashes cannot get easier than that. You probably have everything you might need to clean these eyelashes regularly.

Apart from that, it is safer, and you can even use these for a more extended period. These lashes are better resistant to water exposure, heat, or other harsh elements. Spending a small amount on these lashes can go a long way.

These lashes are known to have lesser side effects. Yet, some say these may lead to breakage of natural eyelashes if kept on for a longer time. So, if you don’t take them off properly, you can be careful while using magnetic eyelashes and be cautious while removing them.