Do Eyelashes Grow If They’re Burnt?

Do Eyelashes Grow If They're Burnt?

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Burnt eyelashes can leave you feeling embarrassed and frustrating. But it is a common occurrence that should not worry you. How common do you ask? It can happen when you are straightening or curling your hair, barbecuing or grilling, and lighting your cigarette. It is best to protect your eyes when dealing with an open fire to protect yourself and your eyes. 

Yes, eyelashes grow back if they do get burnt. It usually takes an average of 6 weeks to grow back, depending on severity. However, if your follicles are damaged, then your eyelashes might not grow back. The hair follicles are what anchor eyelashes into the skin. They determine the form your eyelashes take. If they get severe damage, it will be harder to grow your eyelashes back.

You should seek medical help if the eye area has a blister or is painful. You want to make sure that there is no damage to the eye. It is crucial to do so because the eye is susceptible, and any eye damage could lead to an even bigger problem.

You can visit a doctor to know your burn’s extent to ensure that the eye is fine.

Like head hair and eyebrows, eyelashes go through various growth stages: the anagen stage, the catagen stage, and the telogen stage.

Stages of Hair Growth

Anagen Stage

This stage is also known as the growing stage. This stage can last up to 45 days, and eyelashes actively grow. There are lashes in this cycle at any given time, ensuring that you have eyelashes to replace those in the last stage.

Catagen Stage

The Catagen stage is the second stage of eyelash growth. Here the eyelashes have attained their length, and the hair follicles start to shrink. It’s called the transition stage and lasts about three weeks before eyelashes shedding. This stage completes on its own. If you pluck your eyelashes while still in this stage, the follicle remains empty for the rest of the process.

Telogen Stage

The telogen stage is the last stage of eyelash growth. This stage is when your eyelashes shed or rest, and it takes about 100 days. After shedding, the follicle is left empty until the next anagen stage, which takes up to two months to start. And the cycle continues. It’s called the resting stage. You shed your eyelashes at this stage, but chances are you barely notice that you are shedding them. 

Given that the eyelashes are in different growth stages, it would be impossible to notice these stages. That is why you never have a period in your life with no eyelashes. The process works in a way that you’ll never have to worry about not having eyelashes at any given time.

Burnt one set of lashes on one of my eyes. Will, both eyelashes on both eyes, grow the same?

If this happens, the eyelashes you burnt will not be the same length as those on the other eye when it happens. However, after going through the growth process, they will eventually be the same length. Thus, you will not have uneven eyelashes for the rest of your life. Nonetheless, you should be very understanding and let the growth process take its natural course. 

Burning your eyelashes will not affect their length in any way. When they start growing, they will grow to their original size, then shed, and the process and the growth phases will continue as usual. They might grow thicker than they were before, depending on the treatment you choose to regrow them.

Castor oil, for instance, can help thicken your eyelashes. Unlike head hair, which has a more extended anagen phase, which can last up to 6 years, eyelashes get to a certain length and stop growing, they shed, and the process starts all over again—making it easier for the eyelashes to get to the same length.

What should I do if I partially burnt my eyelashes?

Having partially burnt eyelashes is not as bad as burning them completely. The reason is that you still are sure that the follicles are intact, which means eyelashes will grow back. Nonetheless, it is essential to ensure that there are no injuries to your eyelid.

See a doctor if you experience pain and redness on your face to ensure that you are okay. It is also crucial that you keep the area clean and avoid makeup for a while, giving the eye area time to heal. Avoid irritating soap and cleansers, which would irritate the area.

How can I protect my eyelashes from getting burnt?

Protect your eyelashes from getting burnt by being careful when near flames. If you are using the BBQ wear sunglasses in case you get to close to the grill. 

What can I do to help my burnt eyelashes grow faster?

To help your eyelashes grow faster, massage the eye area gently often. Doing this increases blood circulation allowing the eyelashes to grow. It is also vital to eat right; there is a saying that you are what you eat. Eat foods that will stimulate the growth of your eyelashes.

Do not be aggressive with the area when cleaning your face; treat the eye area as a physical issue regardless of whether you don’t feel pain.

Do not add stress to the eye area. Be careful with the products you use and ensure that the ingredients therein are suitable. Above all, be patient. Do not obsess over the eyelashes; do something to get your mind off of it. Sometimes overdoing something is not healthy, and you might end up feeling like there is no progress. Growth doesn’t take place overnight. Understand the growth phases, do what you can to help with the growth, and relax and let them be.

Importance of Eyelashes

You may have thought that eyelashes are for beauty only and that your life would continue as usual without them. Well, eyelashes play a vital role in protecting your eyes. Below are some importance of eyelashes;

  • They enhance your beauty.

Imagine a face without eyelashes, unimaginable, right? Thick, black, and long eyelashes make your eyes look more prominent and your face a healthier look. Making you look more awake and alert. Good looking eyes can also make you look younger. Inadequate eyelashes will make you look unhealthy and sickly. They don’t look attractive, which is why the makeup industry has heavily invested in eyelash extensions for individuals that would like to add more volume.

  • They protect the eyes from drying.

Eyelashes minimize the airflow around the eye area, which reduces overly stripping and evaporation of moisture from the eyes, especially in hot weather. Dry eyes are prone to getting an infection, leading to severe damage to the eye, and they also feel uncomfortable. For instance, camels have very long eyelashes to protect their eyes from drying, considering they spend days in the desert. 

  • They protect the eyes from harmful UVB and UVA rays.

Eyelashes give eye protection from the sun rays that can cause harm. Even though they do not filter as effectively as protective sunglasses with over 70% filter capability, having no eyelashes would mean you have no protection at all from the sun rays that could damage your eyes. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause corneal sunburn, leading to painful inflammation in the eye. You also risk getting cataracts, which affects your vision. 

  • Eyelashes could warn of an underlying health condition.

Losing your eyelashes for no apparent reason could be an indication that you have a medical condition. Conditions such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, blepharitis, trichiasis, and scleroderma could cause eyelashes to shed. Therefore, it is essential to get checked out if you notice a massive loss of eyelashes. You barely see your eyelashes shedding; thus, when you start seeing them everywhere, that will give you an indication that something is wrong somewhere. And this is the reason why we include this in this list. If you suspect that you might be shedding more eyelashes than usual, seek medical help to ensure that you don’t have any medical conditions.

  • They shield the eye from unwanted particles and protect the eyes from incoming danger.

Eyelashes can divert particles from directly getting into the eye. Their curved shape draws anything headed to the eye away from it. For instance, sweat or water coming down from the forehead will be diverted and will not get inside your eye. The eyes are easily irritated. Therefore, anything that doesn’t need to be inside it is kept away by the eyelashes. Thus, keeping your eyes safe from irritants from the environment. 

Much like the cat’s whiskers, the eyelashes are sensitive and can detect anything near the eye area. They signal the brain of the incoming danger, and the eyelids automatically close to protect the eye. Explains why you blink when something like an insect flies near the eye. Even without you having seen it, the eyelashes can do that without your intervention.

Eyelashes are not just tiny hairs on your face; they enhance your beauty and protect the eyes from infections. Therefore, it is important to take care of them to ensure that you don’t lose them. Avoid situations where your face is too close to open fire.

In case you get your eyelashes burnt, ensure that you find ways to protect your eyes; for instance, you can get a pair of glasses to ensure that you protect them from the sun and dust particles. Be gentle on the area when cleaning the face; you can get an ointment to ensure that the eye area is not dry. You can also get a doctor to prescribe you eye drops if you feel like your eyes are dry.

If you love makeup and can’t go a day without it, you might have to rethink and quit applying your makeup for a while until your eyelashes are grown. 


The face is the principal thing individuals see when they meet with you. It speaks for you before you even open your mouth to speak. Thus, burnt eyelashes are impossible to go unnoticed and can cause you stress and anxiety and even have you locked away alone for days. Luckily, eyelashes grow back, and with a little care and pampering them, you can have them back sooner than expected.


Ensure you understand the growth process not to get frustrated when things don’t happen the way you want them. It is also vital you know the extent of your burn; even if you don’t visit the doctor, assess it yourself. Doing this will help you pick the best course of action to take to help your eyelashes grow. Lastly, be realistic with your expectation. Do not expect your eyelashes to grow in days; unrealistic expectations will leave you disappointed. Be patient, and let your eyelashes grow at their own pace.


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