How to Remove Eyeliner Easily

How to Remove Eyeliner Easily

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Nothing is more frustrating than stubborn eyeliner smudging and refusing to come off after a night out. Almost all makeup enthusiasts are familiar with how difficult eye makeup, in general, is to get off. 

Not correctly removing eye makeup can be disastrous for your skin, as with all other kinds of makeup. As you most likely know, you should never go to bed with makeup on as it can cause wrinkles and irritation.

However, the skin surrounding the eye area is a bit of a tricky situation because of how delicate it is to handle. So finding methods that work to remove eye makeup effectively but gently is very useful.

Let’s investigate a couple of ways you can take off your eyeliner quickly and effectively. 

The best way to remove eyeliner is by using makeup wipes. This product has been specifically designed to help you remove all traces of makeup from your face. If you are traveling and don’t want to lug around anything heavy then combining witch hazel and your choice of oil is a great option. Put it in a small bottle and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for something free of chemicals then Shea Butter is a great alternative. 

However, you may run out of makeup wipes or be unable to purchase them – for instance, when you are traveling—making it essential for you to be aware of other alternatives.

Here are different ways for you to remove eyeliner properly. 

Micellar Water

Micellar water is one of the most tested and trusted methods for removing all kinds of makeup – including eyeliner.  

Micellar water is powered by clusters of micelle molecules that lift away impurities and makeup. With micellar water, there is no need for harsh rubbing or rinsing.

This option is also great for fixing makeup mishaps, such as overdrawn eyeliner or crooked lines, without ruining the entire look. 

To use micellar water when taking off eyeliner, soak a cotton pad with some of the water, hold it over your eyes for a few seconds then wipe gently. To correct makeup mistakes, lightly dip the swab in the formula and gently swipe at the mishap. You don’t need to stress over ruining your entire look, as micellar water does not require rinsing. 

Petroleum Jelly

You might be familiar with taking off lipstick using petroleum jelly, but did you know it also works for eyeliner? You only need a q-tip and some petroleum jelly. Using the q-tip, coat the area with petroleum jelly. 

Permit the item to sit for a couple of moments, then, using the clean end of the q-tip, wipe it away gently. Rinse your face once you are done. 

Baby Oil and Shampoo

I’ve always thought of this as a super combo that works wonders for waterproof eyeliner. Begin by dabbing a bit of baby oil on your eye. Allow it soak in for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Next, apply a little amount of baby shampoo. 

Wash your face correctly to ensure that the oil or shampoo does not get in your eye. Voila! That does the trick.

Makeup Wipes and Cleansing Water

If you use eyeliner regularly, you probably should consider investing in makeup wipes or makeup cleansing water. These products are specifically formulated to help take off eyeliner and other makeup.

When using a makeup wipe, gently wipe in the direction of your eyeliner, repeating until you have gotten it all off. With cleansing water, saturate a cotton ball or pad and leave it over your eye for a couple of moments to permit the formula to break down the eyeliner. 

Once you feel like your eye area has been saturated enough, remove the eyeliner in a clean swipe. 

You should note that makeup wipes and cleansing water are more potent than regular soap, ensuring you get an effective moisturizer to use afterward.

Coconut Oil

You undoubtedly have a container of coconut oil sitting on your dresser or a bottle for cooking in your pantry. The idea behind using oil to remove makeup is that oil breaks down oil. When you apply oil to oil, a form of binding occurs, which causes makeup to stick to the oil-saturated pad very easily. 

Due to the waxes and oils that constitute makeup products and the oil naturally secreted by your skin, coconut oil is perfect for taking off eyeliner. 

To use, apply a bit of oil to a cotton pad and gently wipe your eye with the pad. Once you have successfully removed the eyeliner, follow with a cleanser or a face wash. 

If you prefer to use your fingers, ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed to irritate your eyes or get any dirt in them. Gently massage your eye area in circular motions with your fingertips until you notice the makeup start to spread. 

Next, clean your face with a makeup wipe followed by a wash, or you can go straight to the face wash step.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a natural ingredient that is used as an astringent or cleanser in some skincare routines. When combined with a nourishing oil such as olive oil, witch hazel works as an excellent cleanser.

Join three tablespoons of witch hazel with two tablespoons of your preferred oil. Use this formula, apply a small amount to a facial pad, and gently wipe the area. Once you have removed the eyeliner, wash your face with a cleanser. 

This method is an excellent option for people who do not like to remove makeup with just oil. It is also an excellent alternative for trips or a fun weekend where you don’t want to carry any extra luggage as you can mix the formula in a small bottle and apply it as you please.

Baby Lotion

As with all baby products, the baby lotion is exceptionally gentle on the skin. Your eye area is susceptible, and you want to use products that will not harm you or irritate your eyes. 

For this strategy, all you require is a cotton pad and some baby lotion. Dab some lotion on the cotton pad and gently wipe your eyes in one direction, keeping your eyes closed. Repeat the wiping motion till you have gotten all the eyeliner off. 

If you do not have cotton pads, you can use your fingertips. Begin by washing your hands as you do not want to give yourself an eye infection. Next, apply some lotion to your fingertips, close your eyes, and gently rub in a circular motion.

After taking off your eyeliner using lotion, you should follow with a face wash, but be mindful not to get the wash in your eyes. 

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fantastic, natural product that does wonders in skincare. If you would prefer to take your makeup off in a chemical-free product, shea butter is the perfect option for you. 

First, wash your hands, then scoop up a bit of shea butter and rub between your fingertips until it melts. Gently massage your eye area with the melted shea butter until the eyeliner starts to spread. Follow with a cotton pad and gently wipe the eyeliner in one direction.

Remember not to massage too hard when using this method, as it can cause the butter to heat up and irritate your eyes.

Finish up with a face wash and a moisturizer. If you do not have a moisturizer, you can use the shea butter after washing your face!

Avocado Oil

For some people, coconut oil might be too heavy or react negatively to their skin. If you are one of such people, you can take your eyeliner off with avocado oil instead. It works just like coconut oil, breaking down the oil in your makeup and binding it to the avocado oil. 

To use, dab a bit of avocado oil to a cotton pad and gently wipe your eyes in one direction. Once you take off the eyeliner, follow with a cleanser or a face wash.

If you do not have a cotton pad or prefer to use your fingers, ensure that your hands are washed correctly not to get dirt in your eyes and irritate them. Massage your eye area gently in circular motions with your fingertips until you notice the makeup start to spread.

Once you’ve managed to catch all the eyeliner, use a makeup wipe to take off excess oil and residual makeup, then follow with a face wash.


Using the right techniques, taking off eye makeup can be a breeze for you. The main thing to note is that you have to be gentle while removing makeup from such a sensitive area.

If you notice any form of irritation caused by certain products, discontinue the use and immediately contact your dermatologist. Your eye makeup removal method should not burn or sting. 

Take legitimate consideration of your eyes, and your skin will thank you for years to come.


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