Why Does Makeup Make You Look Attractive

Why Does Makeup Make You Look Attractive?

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One look at Instagram will make you realize even teenagers today have become full-fledged makeup artists. There was a time when heavy makeup looks were explicitly reserved for the actresses in the showbiz industry, while regular women only wore the basic makeup look. But today, glamour has transcended those age barriers, and everyone wants to look good. The makeup industry also saw a boom in the last two decades, making so many products affordable to buy for each class of society. Earlier only high-end brands were available to the professionals, but then came the drugstore product’s rise. Makeup products became readily available, and women started using them more than ever.

Earlier makeup products were designed to be more dramatic, which looked good on the big screen. As time passed, more subtle looks became popular, which only enhanced existing features instead of changing them. This “enhancement of features” is considered the level of attractiveness provided by makeup. Facial beauty comes with rules such as a small nose, symmetrical face, sharper cheekbones, big eyes, and fuller lips. Makeup helps achieve all these things for a short amount of time.

Makeup is an Ancient Tradition

The art of beautifying oneself with makeup is not a new trend. It has been happening for ages. In those days, charcoal was a popular item to make the eyes look more exotic by giving it a kohl look. Other natural substances like clay pastes were also used to bring out the colors in cheeks and lips. 

In each era, women have always found ways to highlight their femininity and make them desirable to the opposite gender. 

Prominent women in history also had their methods to look beautiful. For instance, Cleopatra used to bathe in milk to make her skin glow. While she had the means to the luxury that time had to offer, others also found an affordable way to make themselves look attractive. Many Egyptian tombs even have makeup kits that show the desire to look pretty by artificial means has always been present. 

Makeup is a Synonym for Beauty

Many experiments have been conducted on the treatment a woman gets when it is entirely barefaced and has done a whole makeup look. As unfair as it is, women are not even considered professional if they don’t have something that makes their faces appealing. Competency is something that men have the luxury to prove by showing their abilities, but it starts by looking “acceptable” for women. It is a silent part of every woman’s job description. 

Research has shown women who had applied makeup saw a difference in treatment than those who didn’t. Waitresses who did makeup get more tips, women working in corporate sectors even got a promotion on their looks. For centuries beauty has somehow conditioned intelligence; an attractive person’s opinion will garner more attention than an average looking one. This need to be taken seriously is also why women always want to look their best with the use of a little makeup.

Scientifically Proven Beauty

The more balanced your face is, the more attractive it will look to the naked eye. It’s quite understandable; not everyone is born with perfect features. To create the illusion of perfection is where makeup plays its part perfectly. 

Some features make a woman look more feminine such as the pink tint in cheeks is registered in our brain as the youthful glow. The fairness underneath the eyes also makes a woman look more energetic and present. These things make a huge difference in how her contemporaries perceive a woman if she doesn’t do all these things and decide to go completely natural with no makeup on. More than anything else, she is considered lazy and a slob who is unable to groom herself. This conditioning of looking good with being competent is why makeup has also become necessary for working women.

The Transformative Power of Makeup

If asked, what is it that you would like to change about your face? Most people will always have that one feature that they would love to trade for a better one. Makeup helps us mask those insecurities without breaking the bank. It has that deceptive quality of transforming us into something which we wish to always look like.

There are innumerable tricks to make your face beautiful by conventional standards. The most famous example would be a broad nose bridge that can be slimmed through a combination of contouring and highlighting. Cheekbones can look sharper and sculptured with the right shade of bronzer. Same way, eyeliner can completely alter the shape of the eyes, and lipsticks can make lips appear more fuller.

An Ideal Alternate

Cosmetological treatments for all these “issues” would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which isn’t affordable for everyone. Rhinoplasty, eyebrow lift, and lip injections are not suitable for everyone and can have adverse side effects. In this scenario, using makeup is not only a cheaper option but also a safer one. Today unlimited makeup hacks can be found to give you desired results without going through any pain.

The newer makeup products are good in quality, which makes the result look super real. These products are more comfortable to use, making them ideal for women who are not entirely makeup artists. These products are designed to be used by everyone from an amateur to a professional. Agents in the stores can even guide you correctly to buy the right products for your features. Soon, AI intelligence will take over this job, and then you will be able to check your makeup virtually.

Instagrammable Beauty

Earlier the purpose of makeup was to look suitable for a particular occasion. Now every day provides you that reason called “Instagram.” Every girl now wants to have a profile on Instagram or Snapchat, making others envious of her. Before, it was called makeup. Now it is an “on-point look.” Teenagers have the most impressionable minds when it comes to following a trend to feel accepted. Makeup helps them do one thing they desire the most: to look like a grown-up.

Easier Accessibility

Makeup looks have become trendy now more than ever. Social media platforms like YouTube and online blogs have countless makeup tutorials to watch and read respectively. Access to these platforms has transformed the daily use of makeup. Everyone can learn to do those makeup tips and tricks that industry professionals once only knew—giving ordinary women the power to look extraordinary.

People's Opinions Matter

The purpose of makeup is not only to paint your face but be noticed for your looks. Women see a significant difference in attitude by both the genders. Women are more friendly with other women who apply makeup identical to their own. Even in cosmetics, the kind of look you will decide the treatment you’ll get. Women with natural-looking makeup will receive a much more friendly attitude, but women with loud makeup will be perceived as more intimidating or arrogant.

Social experiments have backed these claims where attractive people have received a better deal in daily life situations. It can be quicker customer service, a better-discounted agreement, help from a stranger, or a generally more agreeable attitude from the other person. Experiments like these show how human psychology works. Everyone wants to be treated in the right way, and it has been proven makeup helps with it.


Makeup refines your features, which makes you instantly look attractive. It has always been a fun activity for women all around the world. Right now, makeup has become part of the morning ritual for many. Although the point to note here is it only makes you look attractive when applied the right way, it can make you stand out though not correctly. It is always best to exclusively focus on working around your features than aim to change it completely. Makeup is not about looking like someone else; it is only about looking like the best version of yourself.

The pictures that we see online are heavily edited even after the professionally done makeup. They are not realistic beauty expectations for regular women. Being unable to achieve those unreal beauty goals will only make women feel unattractive. Feeling ugly is the complete opposite effect of using makeup. It was discovered only to make women feel more pretty, confident, and worthy. To combat this issue, many are now differentiating the concept of beauty with self-care rather than makeup.


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