Is wearing makeup a sign of insecurity

Is wearing makeup a sign of insecurity

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Women love to wear makeup. All women like spending a portion of their income on buying makeup. Some women including myself spend crazy amounts of money in Sephora (for research purposes of course). But the question is, do women have any insecurity that makes them wear makeup? Do women wear makeup to hide their flaws? Or do women wear makeup to enhance their look? This has always remained a highlighted topic. 

Makeup is not a sign of insecurity, but instead, it is something that enhances beauty. Makeup is a form of art and a perfect tool to hide uneven skin tone, blur blemishes, neutralize dark spots, vanish freckles, and instantly treat the redness. People wear makeup to feel comfortable in public. Makeup also makes skin look radiant and fresh throughout the day. 

Wearing makeup and not wearing makeup is everyone’s personal choice. Some people think that people wear makeup because they do not feel comfortable in their bare skin. This can be correct but to a certain extent. In our lives, we meet many people who are always very conscious of how they look. Such people do not leave the house without putting on makeup. And once they are out of their home, they frequently rush to fix their makeup. People take this habit of women as a sign of insecurity or self-obsession. 

Unless we know the person personally and I mean really know them, we shouldn’t make any assumptions about them. This is true that some people have insecurities, and they wear makeup to hide their imperfections. However, for most, they want their makeup to look natural. They want their makeup to give them a fresh and subtle look. 

If we think in a broader spectrum, we will find that people, especially women, never wear makeup as a sign of insecurity. Some people have an obsession with looking put together throughout the day. Such people wear makeup to enhance their looks. Makeup instantly uplifts anyone’s mood. Makeup also makes you look fresh and active. It perfectly improves one’s outlook. 

Make as a beauty enhancer

Instead of calling makeup a sign of insecurity, it is better to call makeup a beauty enhancer. Like designers use various embellishments to enhance any outfit, people wear makeup to enhance their looks. There is no shame in creating something beautiful and looking even more attractive, which is what makeup does to a person. To some people, makeup works as a thing that brings them peace of mind. 

People feel psychologically satisfied when they wear makeup. Such people tend to perform better in their everyday lives when they wear makeup compared to when they do not wear makeup. 

Scroll your Instagram once, and you see a new person becoming a makeup artist. As said above, makeup enhances the look. Like we love our home when it is tidy and well-organized, makeup also makes people well-organized. It makes your skin look even and camera friendly. Celebrities wear makeup not because of insecurities but because they want their skin to look radiant and fresh. Similarly, social media influencers wear makeup to look presentable. 

Having uneven skin tone, acne spots, dark circles, freckles, or redness is all normal. No one opts for all these imperfections. Whatever skin condition you have, you own it. Women use makeup to cover these imperfections because this way, their skin looks even. 

Looking Good = Feeling Good

Research has discovered that women do encounter certain self-perceived psychological advantages from utilizing makeup; the benefits are unavoidable across all age gatherings. The more alluring you believe you are, the more highly you consider yourself. 

There are no doubts that makeup makes women feel good. A simple black line over the eyelids can make women feel more confident. A pop of blush on the cheeks can add color to the skin and make women look fresh. A bold colored lipstick makes women feel more attractive. 


Makeup uplifts the personality of women. A radiant and shiny skin, without any freckles, dark spots, acne, or any imperfection, is everyone’s dream. Some people prefer to get expensive clinical treatments to enhance their skin, while others use makeup to look perfect. No matter what you do, others will always find a way to spread hate. If a person likes wearing makeup, they should wear it, and if they do not like wearing makeup, this is also their personal choice. Makeup can be a tool to boost your confidence, and if people feel bold and beautiful with makeup, there is no problem with that.   


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