Eye Makeup With A White Dress

Eye Makeup with White Dress

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A white dress is one you can wear everywhere. White is a colour of purity, and it is impossible to look bad in it. I love white dresses. However, there are times you can wear your white dress and feel like it’s a little bit too plain. This doesn’t have to be the case you can give your dress more life by doing elegant eye makeup. The perfect eye makeup can make a whole lot of difference in your overall look. A white dress’s beauty lies in its simplicity; therefore, don’t take that away by exaggerating your eye makeup.

Gold and bronze eye makeup are the best to wear witha  white dress. They are at the top for their sophistication and ability to transform your look into a classy one.

However based on your specific preference we have listed like eye color we have listed what will work.

Gold Eyeshadow with a White Dress

You cannot go wrong with this eyeshadow shade. Gold has shades for all skin tones. Gold and bronze have pigmentations that complement any skin tone. 

Apply your gold or bronze eyeshadow lightly. Gold shades with glitter make the whole look elegant, so don’t be afraid to try shimmery shades. Red lipstick will perfectly complement gold eyeshadow. You can have this look when going to an evening event, wedding, or an evening date. You can wear this look to the workplace; make sure that the glitter is not much. 

Silver Eyeshadow with a White Dress

Silver eyeshadow is a perfect choice for a white dress. Silver perfectly complements and doesn’t steal the limelight from your white dress. You can wear it day and night. For a day look, apply a thin layer of your silver eyeshadow and blend it to your eyebrow. If you want to wear it in the evening, lightly apply black eyeshadow to your eyelid and then go in with your silver eyeshadow below the eyebrow. 

The combination will create a smoky eye effect. Always remember to blend your eyeshadow so that it looks neat and classy. This look will go well with dark lipstick colour like a maroon shade. If you have an evening event or a date, this look is perfect. Silver will have you looking like royalty.

Grey Eyeshadow with a White Dress

Grey eyeshadow might be one of the most misunderstood shade. Some people say that it is too dark for day and too light for a smoky eye. Thus, knowing how to wear it to complement your look is vital. You can use grey to create a smoky eye by combining two grey shades and applying black eyeliner and mascara. 

Alternatively, you can apply black eyeshadow on your eyelid and grey eyeshadow near your eyebrows and blend to get that perfect smoky eye. You can wear your white dress with this eye makeup almost anywhere. Go for light grey when attending business and more formal meetings. Darker shades will be great for date night with your girlfriends and casual events.

Peach Eyeshadow with a White Dress

Peach is a feminine shade that will leave you looking and feeling sexy. Peach eyeshadow is not overpowering and will look elegant when you pair it with a white dress. Peach eyeshadow will create a laid back look, making you look like you’re not trying too hard. Use brown eyeliner and mascara to accentuate your eyes. You can also use black eyeliner with peach eyeshadow, and when you decide to do black, go very light. 

Going too dark will create a contrast that is not pretty. You can do mascara with a little shimmer to add elegance to your look. Peach eyeshadow is ideal for official meetings and evening night out. Remember to do touch-ups if you intend to have your peach eyeshadow day and night to maintain its freshness.

Apart from eyeshadows, other elements play a huge role in completing your eye makeup. Mascara and eyeliner are vital when it comes to eye makeup. Mascara gives your eyelashes volume and length. It makes your eyes look bigger. Eyeliner is great for giving your eye shape. You can make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more awake with it. 

White Dress with Plain Eyeliner and Mascara

You can use eyeliner to go with your white dress. Black goes well with white; thus, black eyeliner is an excellent choice for you. You can go for this look if you want a simple but elegant look. It also gives you an opportunity of playing with different lipstick colours. Bold lipstick colors like red, purple, and maroon will be excellent for your white dress.

Mascara makes your eyelashes appear longer and thicker, giving your eyes form and shape. When you pair your mascara with eyeliner, your eyes will pop without much effort and accentuate your white dress. 

What Eyeshadow Looks Good with A White Dress and Certain Eye Colors?

Brown Eyes and White Dress - Which Eyeshadow Looks Good?

Brown eyes are prevalent and go well with many eyeshadow shades. However, even with the variety of shades to choose from, not all go well with a white dress. You want eye shadow to make your eyes pop without drawing too much attention from the white dress. One such shade is a golden bronze eye shadow. 

Golden bronze paired with brown eyeliner and black mascara will make your eyes look brighter. Add a white dress to this look, and you have a classy and sophisticated look. You can wear this to the workplace or an evening out; it’s all up to you.

Green Eyes and White Dress - Which Eyeshadow Looks Good?

Green eyes are undoubtedly one of the most attractive eyes ever. So when choosing the eyeshadow shade to use, make sure it highlights the green in the eyes. Silver eyeshadow is perfect for highlighting your green eyes. 

You get silver eyeshadow with glitter in it, and you will have a classy look. You can do a smoky eye with silver by adding black eyeliner or applying black eyeshadow first. The possibilities are endless here. You also need to add black mascara to make those eyelashes pop and complete your eye makeup for your white dress.

Blue Eyes and White Dress - Which Eyeshadow Looks Good?

Blue is a beautiful color, and when it comes to the eyes, blue eyes are breathtaking. Because of their brightness, it is only fair that you do simple eye makeup so that you can let them shine. Silver eyeshadow is a shade that is perfect for bringing out the blue in your eyes. You can apply your silver eyeshadow to your eyelid, and inner corner of your eye to bring out the blue in your eyes. Brown eyeliner and mascara will complete this look, which you can rock with your white dress.

Hazel Eyes and White Dress - Which Eyeshadow Looks Good?

Hazel eyes tend to shift between green and brown eyes, which means you have multiple shades to choose from. In this case, you want to select a color that complements your eyes as well as your white dress. Gold eyeshadow is one you can never wrong with here. Gold brings out the hazel in your eyes while making your outfit look magnificent. Gold is a neutral color; thus, it will not leave your face looking washed out. You can add some glitter to enhance your look, especially if you are going on an evening out or date. 

Use black eyeliner and brown mascara to complete your look. You can use mascara with shimmer to add some drama to your makeup. You can now rock your white dress with this eye makeup.

Grey Eyes and White Dress - Which Eyeshadow Looks Good?

Grey eyeshadow is excellent for grey eyes. On the off chance that you need your eyes to look lighter, utilize a darker shade of grey. If you want them to look darker, use light shades of grey. Complete your look by doing brown or black eyeliner or mascara. The look you get from grey eyeshadow will perfectly complement your white dress.

No eye makeup is complete without well-done eyebrows. Your eyebrows give your face a form and shape. Ensure that your eyebrows look as normal as could be expected. To achieve that, do strokes similar to hairs with a brown eye pencil. Apply a light layer of concealer on the upper and lower part of your eyebrows to give your eyebrows shape. Doing this will help you get a perfect eye makeup look for your white dress.


In conclusion, eye makeup plays a vital role in making your white dress pop. Therefore, you must choose shades that compliment your white dress and eye color. Eye makeup can make a difference in how your plain white dress looks on you. Ensure that all the eye elements, the eyebrow, and eyelashes are in sync. The eye shadow shades you choose should be determinant of the eyeliner and mascara you decide to use. Thus, don’t be shy about trying out the different shades mentioned above when wearing your white dress.


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