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The Best Eye Shadow Colors For Grey Eyes

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Grey eye colors, in general, come with various tones, and Pure grey is one of the rarest eye colors in the world. Not many people have pure-grey or grey-hued eyes.

Women have different shades of grey eye colors such as light or pale greys, green-hued greys, dark or intense greys, and hazel or brown greys.

Orange and violet tones work well with all sorts of grey-hued eyes. However, the application of eyeshadows plays a significant role.

Opting for exact eye shadow shades:

There are two simple ways to choose makeup for grey-hued eyes. The first way is to assess other colors that come with grey-hued eyes. As stated above, only a handful of people have pure grey eyes. I’d suggest watching yourself in the mirror in the morning light. Spend some time in assessing the iris of your eyes.

As I have mentioned before, multiple grey colored eyes have other hues in them; hence, you’d have to figure out your eyes’ exact color. Consider this as the first step of your makeup routine. Women who wear the wrong shades of makeup, and have inadequate knowledge about pigments, end up looking unpleasant in the end. Hence, it would help if you had a clear idea about your eye color.

In general, makeup artists follow the color theory as it’s mandatory for them to have sufficient knowledge about the colors. Moreover, makeup professionals suggest choosing grey/silver as a neutral or base shade if you have grey eyes.

You will also have to consider the tones of your hair and skin. I’d recommend opting for richer or warmer colors if you have warm undertones. However, if you have cool undertones, frosty or rich colors will look stunning on you.

Please bear in mind that opting for the right eye makeup can enhance your eyes’ overall appearance.

Makeup for blue-hued grey eyes:

Orange is generally on the opposite side of blue on the color wheel. Hence, it looks excellent with blue-hued grey eyes. Oranges are a bit intimidating, though. You can also wear colors such as peach, rich bronze or brown, and coppery tones. The colors mentioned above will bring out the grey of your eyes.

Following are some of the best eyeshadows for blue-grey eyes:


  • BEAUTY BAY Going Out Out 42 Shadow Palette 
  • Clinique All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette 
  • Naked 3 Palette Urban Decay 

Makeup for green-hued grey eyes:

The opposite color of green is red. However, this color does not always work well with grey eyes. It can make your eyes appear tired. Women who have green-hued grey eyes can pick their favorites from the orange color group. Colors such as salmon or almond-brown look the best. Furthermore, colors such as lilac and plum from rich purples also work well with green-grey eyes.

The following are some of the best palettes of green-grey eyes:


  • Shiseido Kajal Ink Artist Shadow In Plum Blossom 
  • Sephora Collection Colorful 5 Eye Shadow Palette in Flirty To Intense 
  • Natasha Denona Tropical Eye Shadow Palette 

Makeup for brown-hued or hazel-hued grey eyes:

If you have hazel-hued grey eyes, then look for shades that are suitable for brown undertones. For example, multiple shades of purple will compliment your eye color. Shades like chocolate brown, coffee, and golden-tan will also look fabulous with this particular eye color.

The following are some of the best eyeshadows for brown-toned grey eyes:


  • Covergirl Roses TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette 
  • Natasha Denona Lila Eye Shadow Palette 

Makeup for pure or intense grey eyes:

Grey eye shadows can work well with pure or intense grey eyes in two different ways. Bear in mind that your eyes will automatically appear darker if you have a light grey eyeshadow (matte or sparkly) or eyeliner on. However, applying a darker shade of grey on your eyelids and the lower lash line will make your eyes appear lighter. You can certainly experiment with different shades of grey.

Try and apply a medium-toned grey as a base on your eyelids, a darker shade of grey as your contour shade, and a lighter shade of grey as your browbone highlighter. This particular look is perfect if you have any formal dinner parties lined up.


The following are some of the best eye shadows for pure grey eyes:


  • Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette 
  • Natasha Denona Biba All Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
  • Tarte Tartelette™ In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup using black and silver shades:

Black, grey, and silver eyeshadow colors are an excellent choice for grey-hued eyes. Smokey eyes are a classic of the makeup industry. A black or grey smokey eye can make your eyes appear ethereal, especially if they are light in color.

You can also use some silver eye shadow as a brow bone highlighter. Moreover, metallic silvers or metallic eyeliners amp up your entire look.

Following are some of the best smokey or black eye shadow palettes:

  • Covergirl true naked Eye shadow Palette in Smoky
  • Milani Soft & Sultry Eye shadow Palette 
  • Clarins 4-Color Eye shadow Palette 

Colors to avoid if you have grey-hued eyes:

Multiple colors work well with grey eyes. However, there are some that you must avoid. Shades of pink or dark red can make you appear sick as they do not go well with grey hues. Hence, avoid the colors mentioned above. Moreover, I’d recommend avoiding grey that is similar to your natural tone as it won’t look nice on you. There are various other colors that you can pair with your beautiful grey eyes, though.

How can I make my eyes look more grey?

Make sure you apply light coloured eye shadows on your lids so the grey hues of your eyes can stand out. All you have to do is apply a small amount of light grey or silver eyeshadow on your lids to make your eyes appear intense and beautiful.

How to apply eye shadow:

It takes effort to use specific eye shadows as overapplication can ruin your entire look. Women who have grey-hued eyes should be careful while applying dark eye colors such as black or grey. They can enhance the appearance of any natural pigmentation that is around the eyes.

Remember, the outer corners of your eyes need to be darker. You can also drag the same color on your lower lash line and add a bit of sparkle in your inner corners and brow bone to complete the look.

Different textures:

Eye shadows come in various forms and sizes; some are liquid-based, whereas the rest is cream or powder-based. You can play with different textures. Women generally use a mixture of cream and powder forms on the eyes. You can start by using a matte shade and can slowly move towards metallics. Glitter or sparkly shadows come in a hundred different forms. Try and avoid overly chunky ones as they can get into your eyes and damage them.


All in all, it is just about finding the right balance—the colors I have suggested above work well with all sorts of grey-hued eyes. However, women generally do not pay heed to shadows while doing their makeup. Your eyes are an incredible asset; you can enhance their appearance by using accurate colors around them. You can experiment with some of your favorite shades to see what suits your eyes and face.


Most women with Asian features cannot pull off dark smokey eyes as they have a bit of pigmentation underneath their eyes. They use concealers to make it appear better. However, most western women have different features and can easily pull off a dark eye look. As I have mentioned above, it is just about finding the right balance.


Being a makeup artist, I do not struggle with colors. I have sufficient knowledge about eye colors and color theories in general. Grey eyes are relatively rare in the world; only a few have perfectly pure grey eyes. Such clients treat makeup artists like me as we get to experiment and play with different colors and textures.


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