What Color Would Lipstick Go Well with Yellow Dress? (Top 7)

What Color Would Lipstick Go Well with Yellow Dress? (Top 7)

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Summer is already here, and yellow is my favorite color to wear. I mean what’s better than a yellow dress with the right lipstick for a relaxed and stylish appearance. 

Lipstick shades that complement yellow attire include Pink if you opt for smoky or dramatic eye make-up, Nudes, Orange, Mauve, Reds, Peach. 

Best Lipstick Shades for Yellow Dress to Rock Any Event

Yellow is a cheerful shade that has mood-boosting vibes. Diverse shades also suit women of every skin tone. Picking the right lipstick with a sunshine-colored outfit will complete your look.

Below are the superb lipstick suggestions for you to match with your yellow dress: 

Red lipstick shades with a yellow dress:​

Plenty of women hesitate to choose red lipstick with the yellow dress. But did you know red lip shade and yellow dresses are one of the preferred looks by most women in the summer? Yes, it’s true. Yellow dress and red lipstick is a classic combination that will never fail. 

Matching red lip shade with the cheerful color makes each shade look brighter. It will help you step up your style game on any occasion by making you appear mature and elegant. 

If you are wearing bold red lipstick, make sure your look is natural. Also, wear subtle accessories (no shoes or colorful jewelry). Avoid bright red make-up with a yellow ensemble. You can pick a red lipstick shade as per your skin tone. 

Deep Red

Go for oxblood or deep red shades if you have a deep skin tone. It will flatter your skin tone and provide you a sophisticated look in no time.

Strawberry Red or Apple Red

Try strawberry red or apple red with your yellow dress if you have fair or medium skin tone. They are the perfect shades for you in the summer season.


If you have opted for lilac or green-colored eye shadow, stick to a coral lipstick. It will make your lips warm and neutral in the summer and spring season. Remember, yellow and coral are a great match.

Red lip color blends well with primary colors, helping your lips and yellow dress appear more vibrant. Pink coral looks good on fair skin-toned women. Those with deep skin tones must not use coral with powerful orange undertones as it may look too flashy.

Bronzy Red

Opt for bronze-red lip shade with hints of cranberry/blackberry or gold stain if you want to look daring. The combo is perfect for deep skin tone.

Pink lipstick shades with a yellow dress:​

Match a pink lipstick with a yellow dress if you have opted for smoky or dramatic eye make-up. It makes you look young and prompts you to come out with great confidence. 

There are diverse shades of pink lipstick to pick from. Berry pink, rose pink, neon pink, nude pink, hot pink, and fuchsia. All will make you look classy with your yellow clothes and complete your look. 

If you opt for smoky eyes, keep your lips as neutral as possible with rose lipstick or nude pink. With pink lipsticks, it is essential to choose the right shade that blends with your skin tone.

Candy or Hot Pink

If you have a fair skin tone, choose hot or candy pink lipstick. It will highlight your eyes and brighten up your skin. 

Dark Pink

For those with olive and medium skin tones must opt for a dark pink shade. Also, ensure you avoid using pink lip shades with blue undertones.

Pink Statement Shades

Deep skin tone ladies must choose head-turning lip shades. It includes fuchsia, those with plum undertones, or dark pink with magenta creating a wow effect.

Peach lipstick shades with a yellow dress:​

If you do not like pink? Try peach lipstick. It’s feminine and helps you make a great statement when styled right. The light peach shade with the yellow dress will make you a center of attention in no time. 

Apply peach shades of lip color if you have brown or black smoky eyes. Peach lipsticks work well with light to medium skin tones.

But it would help if you experimented with diverse peach shades to find out what lip shade suits you the best.

Natural Peach

Choose natural peach lipstick like peach pink or coral peach to make your eyes pop up if you have a fair skin tone. It will let others show your playful yet gorgeous look.

Dark or Pearl Peach

Wearing dark peach or pearl peach lipstick matches well with olive or medium skin tone. It will look flattering with your yellowish outfits.

Statement Peach Shades

If you have a deep skin tone, go bold with warm peach rose. The great thing is that it will make your look radiant and sizzling no matter the event.

Nude lipstick shades with a yellow dress:​

If you have not yet tried the nude lipstick trend, now is the right time. Pair your yellow-colored ensemble with nude lipstick. It will look stunning no matter the event. 

If you are planning to have dark and bold eyes, nude lipstick makes you look elegant. Also, picking the right nude lipstick relies on your skin tone.

Light Nude

If you have a fair skin tone, light nude lipsticks will look good such as those with pink undertones. You can also add some shine to your nude lipstick using lip gloss.

Brown or Rosy Brown Nude

Deep skin-toned women must stay away from the light nude shades. It’s because they make a face appear tired. Instead, choose brown nude or rosy brown nude lip shades as they work well with any yellow outfit.

Peachy Nude

Peachy nude tones look striking on women with a medium skin tone. Make an impressive statement by pairing up with the yellow-colored dress.

Orange lipstick shades with a yellow dress:​

Whether you are wearing a yellow top or a yellow maxi dress, don’t forget orange lipstick. It’s because the combo has a great potential to make you look flattering on any event. 

It can also offer you a jaunty summer look instantly. You can choose lip shades such as red-orange or blood orange to compliment your skin tone.

Bold Orange or Tangerine

Fair skin-toned ladies should select tangerine/bold orange lipsticks with coral/peach undertones. Both shades will help you stand out on all occasions.

Electric Pop Orange

Spruce up your appearance at any time with electric pop orange shades with yellow. They are great for fair skin-toned women. It includes orange lipstick shades with copper, cranberry, bronze, or cinnamon undertones.

Orange with Red Undertones

In the case of deep skin tone, pick blood orange or red-orange to complement your skin tone. Avoid trying bright orange lipstick or those with pink-red tints with a yellow dress.

Mauve lipstick shades with a yellow dress:​

Take a break from pink and neutral shades and elevate your style with mauve lipstick. Today, for many women, mauve has become the ‘new nude’. Yellow and mauve will offer you a beautiful look from head to toe. 

Mauve shades come in diverse finishes and shades. You can flaunt the bold shades on every occasion. But, when it comes to wearing the lip shade, there are no rules. 

Take into account your skin tone to pick the most awesome mauve shade. It offers you the desired result and makes you look attractive.

Rosy-Pink Mauve

For fair skin tone, a mauve shade with a hint of pink-rose looks good. It’s good to avoid milky mauve shades.

Deep Mauve

Those with medium skin tone must opt for deep mauve shades with purple or taupe-y undertones. They add more dimension to their complexion.

Pinkish Purple Mauve

Deep mauve shades with a dash of brown, purple-pink, peach, or taupe-y look perfect on deep skin tones.

Brown lipstick shades with a yellow dress:​

Another great way to look stunning is to get back into the 90’s trend. It means pairing your vibrant yellow-colored ensemble with jovial lip color like brown. The earthy tone is versatile and suits every woman. 

You can even mix and match with all make-up looks. But it would help if you chose a brown shade that blends well with your skin tone. 

Dark Brown

But if you have a medium skin tone, you can always opt for the dark brown lip shades. It will immediately warm up your face. 

Also, make sure you keep the rest of your make-up sober. Avoid rustic brown shades to intensity your appearance.

Bluish or Purple Brown

Those with fair skin can choose purple or bluish brown lipsticks with a yellow dress. It will offer a more youthful look.

Brown with Coffee or Tan

Brown lipstick with coffee/tan shade will allow the deep-colored woman to appear cool. It’s worth choosing rich brown lippies that stay up to 16 hours without any fading.


Whether you are wearing the yellow dress to your friend’s wedding or prom, matching lip colors with it is fun. Today, there are many shades of lipsticks to pick from. 

Consider our lipstick shades and change your look from bland to bold. Have fun experimenting girls and don’t forget to tell us what lip shade suits you the best!


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