Should I be able to see my false lashes when they are on?

Should I be able to see my false lashes when they are on?

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I remember using the lash extensions for the first time. I felt my eyelids drooping, heavy and unnatural. I could easily see the synthetic lashes sticking out and ill-proportioned. With time and experience, I managed to ace the look. 

You should not be able to see your false lashes when they are on. They should blend in with your natural eyelashes. If you do, this is because you have not applied them with utmost precision. 

How to know if your false lashes are visible?

Sometimes we do not instantly realize that we have messed up our lashes until it’s too late. So before you set a foot out, make sure you take a look at the mirror and make sure your falsies are not visible.

  1. Bring a mirror close to your eyes, close one of your eyes and look for a thin band of skin visible between your original lashes and fake extensions. 

           Cause: You might have applied the lashes on your eyelids. 

       2. If your eyelids feel like drooping or heavy and you see that the lashes are coming in between your vision; your eyelashes are likely visible.

           Cause: You might have applied the false lashes on your natural lashes.

       3. The length of your lashes at the inner end and outer corners is equal.

          Cause: You might have not trimmed them right or trimmed them at all.

Things you might be doing wrong if you can see your false eyelashes:

We conventionally miss out on the tiniest details while putting on false eyelashes. It makes everything so much harder than it needs to be.

Putting your false eyelashes just above your natural lashes:

The Problem: Perhaps, the most common mistake we make is that we apply; the false eyelashes just above your natural lashes. That not only makes your eyes feel heavier but also casts a bit of a shadow in your eyes.

The Solution: The trick is to apply your false lashes on your lash line. Remember; do not put them on your eyelids because we don’t want a visible gap to appear between the original lashes and the false ones.

You are applying the lashes with your hands:

The Problem: Sometimes applying eyelashes with hands gives you a disadvantage. When you apply with hands you tend to hold them from the middle and try to stick them from the front. This way you block your vision and you stick them above or below the lash line.

The Solution: For precision, you might want to use lash tweezers and apply them from the sides and outer corner of the eyes. 

You are not trimming your eyelashes:

The Problem: False lashes come in all shapes and sizes. When you buy false eyelashes, you might want to consider the length of the lash as it can be longer than it needs to be. 

The Solution: If your lashes are long. You need to trim your fake eyelashes before applying them, or else they will keep lifting from one side, making you super uncomfortable. Follow these easy steps to rock your look:

Step 1: Before applying the eyelashes, hold your falsies from the outer side and try to estimate the length of your lash line.
Step 2: Use a pair of cuticles or cosmetic scissors to trim the unwanted length of the lash.
Step 3: Make sure you start trimming them from the outer end. The inner ends are modified to complement the shape of your eyes.
Step 4: You are good to go.

You have not trimmed the inner side of the lash:

The Problem: While you might have trimmed the vein of the lash you might consider trimming the lashes from the tips. Though false lashes are shaped in perfect curves, at times the lashes are of equal length at both ends. In such scenarios, the lashes look unnatural and forced.

The Solution: You might want to trim the inner ends of the false eyelashes. This is because the original lashes on your eyes are smaller on the inner ends. So to make your lashes stand out you will have to trim them. You might want to follow these easy steps while trimming your lashes:

  • Use sharp cuticles to avoid damage and unevenness
  • Trim the tips of inner 1/4th lashes

You are using too much glue:

The Problem: It’s a misconception that to keep your eyelashes on; you need tons of glue. Actually, the more the glue, the heavier the eyes feel. It is because when the glue dries, it turns into hard clumps. It is not only visible but also unbearably itchy.

The Solution: Use minimum glue on your eyelashes. A thin layer of glue on the lash border of your false eyelashes is sufficient. You might want to consider the following steps while using lash glue.

  • Use a cotton bud or the pointed end of a makeup brush
  • Dip the ends in the glue and slowly apply a thin layer on the vein of the eyelash extensions. 
  • Make sure you cover all the area between corners but you might not want to apply two or three layers.  

You are not personalizing the experience:

The Problem: The false eyelash market gives you a variety of lashes to choose from and not all lashes go with your look or your natural lashes. If you make the wrong choice of the lash, it will be easily visible while it is on. 

The Solution: To make them look natural, you will have to sieve through the variety of lashes available. If you find yourself struggling with what to choose here; are some authentic and bracing combinations that are tested and suggested keeping in mind the natural eyelashes:

  • Thin natural lashes, you might want to try Silk Eyelashes
  • Long and thick natural lashes, you might enhance your look with Mink Lashes. Take a look at our mink lashes. 
  • Faded natural lashes, you might not want to miss out the Synthetic Lashes
  • Volume and thin natural lashes, you might want to add Russian, Stable or Faux Mink Eyelashes

You are not brushing your extensions:

The Problem: Not straightening the lashes is one of the most common reasons for an uneven proportion of original lashes and ash extensions. Un-brushed lashes give a rough, untidy, and unsightly touch to the eyes. Your lashes are naturally straight and even. When these are coupled with unsorted clumps of hair, these might not blend well and seem unpleasant.

The Solution: To attain absolute satisfaction, brush the lashes and straighten them before use. For an even perfect look, brush both the lashes to help them adjust and blend. Use any of the following brushes to straighten your lashes:

  • Lash Comb
  • Mascara wand
  • Eyebrow brush 

Wearing false eyelashes after curling your original lashes:

The Problem: Curling your lashes before using lash extensions is neither a clever idea nor does it give you a look you wished for. The pre-curls will make it difficult to adjust the lash extensions and you will be able to see your lashes separated from the originals.

The Solution: To avoid going through the trouble, you might want to consider applying the false eyelashes first and then you may curl them. That will make them look even and natural. Use an eyelash curler for better results. 

You are using inexpensive lashes of low quality:

The Problem: The inexpensive lashes are of low quality. These are not specialized. These may not complement the original lashes. They might be easily noticed as their hair is not soft or thin rather these are harder. Harder and heavier eyelashes make your eyes droop. 

The Solution: If you have decided to use falsies then buy expensive and good quality lash extensions. While they may set you back a pretty penny but they will last longer and look natural.

You are not cleaning your lash extensions after each use:

The Problem: Lash extensions are reusable. We often forget to clean lash extensions after use and thus mascara residues or glitter sticks to them. When you apply grubby lashes they will make your eyes look saggy and clumpy.

The Solution: After each use clean the lashes or dip them in a dilute solution of lash cleansers. You might want to follow an alternative way if you do not have a lash cleanser at hand. These easy steps might help.

Step 1: Dip a clean mascara wand in water.
Step 2: Hold the lash from the outer corner and gently brush the lashes.
Step 3: Brush the lashes from the lash vein to the outer direction for better results.

There are plenty of ways that can cause you a “serious fake eyelash situation”, but you can follow easy dos and don’ts to combat them. If you keep these pointers in mind you are ready to create a fabu-lash look.


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