Why are my False Eyelashes so Heavy?

Why are my False Eyelashes so Heavy?

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There are two main reasons why this is happening. Wearing a strip lash that’s full and super-dramatic, your lashes will feel heavier because of the very nature of the lash itself. The thicker and fuller, the heavier the lash will feel.

Applying false lashes with thicker lash bands can also result in an uncomfortable, bulky feeling. Instead, opt for brands that offer lashes with transparent base strips. Not only do they feel lighter, but they are also way easier to apply.

Do different types of false eyelashes have different weights?

Yes, the type of lash, volume, length, and the application process will significantly influence how heavy your false eyelashes will feel.

  • Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are made from synthetic fibers, which are heavier than the materials used in mink lashes or other natural materials. 

The strip lash style you select, specifically the dramatic and fuller variants, contains more fibers than the basic, natural strip lashes and will therefore be heavier. Also, the lash band found on the lashes directly influences the weight of your lashes. 

Brands that contain black lash bands tend to be heavier and way thicker than those with transparent bands and can give the feeling of your lashes being too heavy as they cover up the entire base of your eyelid.

  • Individual False Lashes

Individual lashes are generally lighter because they are applied singularly and not altogether, reducing how weighty they will feel after application.

  • Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the lightest of all false lashes as they are applied directly to your natural eyelashes, usually by a technician that uses specialist lightweight glues and natural fibers like mink.

What's better: Individual Lashes or Strip Lashes?

As mentioned, the type of lash you select and the type of fiber they’re composed will directly influence weight. As a general rule, anything made from synthetic fibers, whether strip lashes or individual, will immediately increase the lash’s weight.

Why do my individual synthetic lashes feel heavier?

Individual synthetic lashes are generally lighter as they require less glue during the application process and do not contain a lash band.

Also, because they’re applied individually and because you will be applying fewer in comparison to a strip lash, they will typically feel lighter.

However, how heavy your false eyelashes will inevitably feel lies in the application process. If you’re going to apply too many individual lashes at a time means having to use more glue and, essentially, more lashes. This will cause the lashes to feel heavy and bulky, resulting in the feeling that your eyelid is being weighed down.

Why do my strip lashes feel heavy?

Although easier to apply, strip lashes are typically heavier than all other false lashes, primarily due to the lash band used to secure the eyelid lash. 

As mentioned earlier, lash bands that are not transparent are usually thicker and will require more glue in the application process, automatically increasing your lashes’ weight.

Also, because the lash band is secured over your entire eyelid as opposed to individual lashes, they will instantly feel heavier because they’re essentially covering the whole surface area of your eyelid.

The volume of the strip lash you chose will also directly influence the weight of your false eyelashes.

Thicker, fuller, and more dramatic false lash variants contain loads of synthetic fibers bunched closely together, which causes them to act against gravity, making them feel heavy and sometimes uncomfortable.

Does my eye shape play a role in how heavy false lashes feel?

Yes. It plays a big part in how weighty your eyelids will feel.

Pay attention to your natural eye shape when selecting an appropriate false eyelash, as getting it wrong could result in a feeling of discomfort and heaviness.

For example, those with hooded eyes have a smaller surface area or eyelid and should avoid thick and overly dramatic lashes to prevent their eyes from looking too harsh and feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Also, because the surface area of your eyelid is smaller, the chances are that the lash band will be too long and or thick, causing heaviness.

To achieve a more natural and lighter aesthetic, choose a false strip lash with a clear, transparent lash band and go for shorter and thinner styles in length and volume. This will not only create a natural illusion of longer, fuller eyelashes but will also make your eyes appear larger.

How to avoid getting my false lashes feeling heavy?

  • Avoid getting false eyelashes wet, especially strip lashes. Not only are they a nightmare to dry, but they also absorb water like a sponge, making them super heavy.
  • Go easy on the glue; remember, less is more. Going ham on the glue makes your lashes clumpy and heavy messy. Applying too much glue also directly increases your lashes’ weight and can cause them to weigh your eyelid down.
  • Don’t fall asleep with strip lashes on. They irritate delicate skin (especially around the eyes) and can cause significant problems. If you’re wearing eyelash extensions, don’t panic, you can sleep with those on.

  • Correct application.  If you don’t apply the lash correctly, you will risk them feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Be sure that you apply the lashes as directed. When using strip lashes, line the lash band flush with your eyelid, and if you’re using individual lashes, do not apply too many at a time.

Will applying mascara make my lashes heavy?

You should never apply mascara over your fake lashes, as this can increase the lashes’ weight significantly, making them feel heavier.

Also, overdoing mascara will make your false eyelashes appear clumpy, chunky, and messy.

You can avoid the feeling of heavy, bulky lashes and still have the option of applying mascara, but you must use your mascara before securing your false eyelashes.

Apply a thin layer of good quality, waterproof mascara before applying your falsies. Doing this will coat your natural lashes and act as a natural adhesive for your strip lashes, causing them to grip better and stay put.

A layer of mascara before application also ensures that you use less glue and minimize excess weight in the application process.

What should I do if my lashes feel too heavy?

If this is your first time wearing a strip lash simply be patient. Give yourself some time to adjust to the feeling of wearing false lashes, and consider a more natural style of strip lash to alleviate heaviness.

As mentioned, the more dramatic the lash, the heavier it will feel, so avoid full drama, especially if you are a beginner.

If you insist on wearing a dramatic strip lash, you have the option of thinning the lashes out to make them lighter and more comfortable to wear without compromising the dramatic effect.

When applying a strip lash, perfecting the application process will go a long way in reducing the feeling of heavy eyelashes. 

Be sure to line up the lash band as close as possible to your eyelid and secure them in the area where the root of your natural lashes meets your eyelid.

Positioning your false eyelashes on top of your eyelid or over your natural eyelashes without proper alignment will make your lashes feel heavy and, ultimately, uncomfortable.

If you feel that your lashes are causing you discomfort due to weight, it’s best to remove them and opt instead for individual lashes or eyelash extensions.

Can I apply two sets of false lashes without them feeling heavy?

Absolutely. You can wear two sets of false lashes without them feeling heavy, provided that you select strip lashes in a natural style and that have transparent lash bands.

Applying two sets of lashes of a more natural variant will give you a fuller, more dramatic aesthetic without that weighty, heavy feeling.

Will my false lashes feel heavy if I reuse them?

Strip lashes are a temporary solution and are not intended to be reused. However, experts agree that you can extend their longevity and wear them up to three times without them weighing you down.

To do this, you will need to clean your strip lashes thoroughly before reusing them.

Using a cotton swab doused in rubbing alcohol, wipe gently over the lash to remove excess mascara (if used) and glue known to contribute to your lashes feeling heavy.

Complete the process by wiping the lashes with a cotton swab soaked in hot water. 

You will need to let your lashes air dry thoroughly as any remaining moisture in the lash can contribute to their weight and can make your eyelashes feel heavier than usual.

Do not be tempted to rub or heat dry your false lashes as this can cause them to lose their shape, which will mean added weight because of their altered form.


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