Is It Bad To Sleep With Mascara On?

Is It Bad To Sleep With Mascara On?

After a long day out, the last thing we want to do is remove our makeup. The same goes for mascara. 

Yes, it is bad to sleep with mascara if you do it frequently. 

Sleeping with mascara can cause bacterial infections and inflammation, block the oil-glands, make your eyelashes dry, and erode the cornea!

With that being said, if you have done it once or twice, then it shouldn’t be problematic. 

Read on to find out why it is terrible to sleep with mascara.

What Happens When You Sleep With Mascara On?

After a hectic day, everyone wants to relax and sleep for hours before starting that all over again. But even on those tiring days, never forget to take off your makeup, especially mascara.

If you sleep with mascara on, it will cause bacterial infections, inflammation, block the oil-glands, make your eyelashes dry, and erode the cornea!

Let’s talk more about these:


When you do not remove the makeup from your eyes or mascara, a solid material accumulates just under your eyes, known as the concretions. And, when you try to remove these masses, it can erode the cornea, which can cause eye irritation and unbearable pain. 

So, remove your eye makeup, and in case of any irritation, pain, or abnormal symptoms, consult the doctor. Remember that if you leave it untreated, this condition can also lead to blindness.

Eye irritations:

If you do not take off the eye-makeup at night, it can become the reason for eye irritation. Mascara not only rubs off your pillow but it will also get into your eyes. Therefore, you cannot focus and face difficulties completing your tasks. 

Eyelashes Falling Off: 

In addition, the eyelashes also get clumped and may start to fall off. Therefore, never risk your eye’s health and make sure that there is no mascara on your eyes and. You can also use the mascara pads to make the process pretty easy!

Bacterial Infections 

Sleeping with mascara once or twice would not cause any serious issues, but sleeping with mascara frequently is an invitation for bacteria. Bacteria can cause eye problems and other infections (pinkeye or styes). 

It might be surprising for you that mascara could be harmful to this extent, but yes, it’s a fact. So, protect your eyes!

What Are The Consequences Of Wearing Mascara At Night?

If you are lazy and do not wash off your makeup, be ready to face severe circumstances. 

Here we are going to quote all the possible consequences which will encourage you to wipe off the makeup before going to bed every night:

Unhealthy Eyelids

The presence of mascara on your eyelids overnight can block the pores and result in an unhealthy eyelid. In addition, if you rub your eyes, it can also be a possible cause of inflammation and or infection. So, be careful!

Dry Out Your Luscious Lashes 

If you want to get healthy and thick eyelashes, let them breathe and stay hydrated like you maintain your hair and skin. But when you sleep with mascara on, eyelashes feel suffocated and dried. As a result, they appear fizzy and dry, just like how your hair looks when you do not use conditioner!

You have to take care of your eyelashes just like you take care of your hair. Otherwise, lashes will look dry, fragile, and fizzy. In addition, you will notice that your lashes are not showing any healthy growth, and in the end, you may feel as if you don’t have any lashes at all!

Harm Your Eyeballs

Your eyeballs suffer more when you sleep with mascara on. This is because the eyeballs are pretty delicate and suffer a lot when you sleep without taking your makeup off. Also, while rubbing your eyes at night, you can scratch your cornea. It may sound weird, but in actual it does happen!

What Should You Do If You Slept With Mascara On?

You may not find the time to remove the makeup as you came late at night, or you didn’t find the time to do so as you were busy studying until the wee hours of the night. Well, whatever the reason, you forgot. But now the question is what you should do?

We are here to tell you what you need to do in case if you slept with mascara on:

Remove It As Early As Possible

Remove your mascara as soon as you wake up. Remove your mascara first with oil, and then wash your face.

Use A Face Mask To Hydrate Your Skin

After two-step cleaning, now it’s time to make your skin calm. So, you should apply a face mask that makes your skin calm and hydrates it. And, if you feel irritation both in your eyes or skin, you must consult the doctor!

Inspect Your Eyes

Many people have susceptible skin and feel conscious about their blocked pores. Therefore, you must check your eyes thoroughly to see any harm or infection. If you find something painful or unusual, consult your doctor!

Is It Wrong To Sleep For One Night With A Mascara?

It is not wrong to sleep for one night with mascara on. If you sleep with mascara once or twice, it will not hurt your eyes. But if it becomes habitual and you do it daily for a long time, it could cause severe problems for you. This is because the mascara on your eyes dry out the lashes, making them stiff, and when you try to rub it off, it can scratch out your cornea. 

In addition, eye makeup, especially mascara, can block the oil glands, facilitating bacteria buildup and causing inflammation. Therefore, small bumps, also known as hordeolum or sty’s, appear. These bumps can often resolve by themselves, but you can also consult the doctor if this does not happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wearing mascara terrible for your eyes?

If you are not wearing the mascara daily, it will not harm your eyes, but if you are using it constantly, it can cause inflammation or infections. And, many times, you may lose your eyelashes. Therefore, it is essential to take off your makeup before going to bed.

Is there any alternative that I can use instead of mascara?

Here is the list of various alternatives of mascara that you can use:

  • A liquid or gel eyeliner 
  • Use fake eyelashes 
  • Vaseline as a clear mascara
  • And, homemade mascara could also be a good option

Is mascara bad for the growth of your eyelashes?

As you know, mascara can dry out your eyelashes, so it can also inhibit the growth of your eyelashes. But if you wipe out the mascara every day before going to bed and replace it after every three months, it will never hurt your eyes!

Is Vaseline suitable for my eyelashes?

Vaseline is an effective remedy for your dry skin. And, when you apply it to your eyelashes, it helps in their growth, lets them look longer, fuller, and healthy. So, you must use it at night and then see some astonishing results!


If you do not remove the mascara before going to sleep and are habitual, it will badly affect your eyes. It can cause inflammation, irritation, and bacterial infections. In addition, mascara affects your eyelashes’ growth, making them dry and fragile. So, to maintain those healthy eyelashes, never forget to wipe out mascara!