Can you use eyeliner as a lip liner

Can you use eyeliner as a lip liner

There are times when you might want to use that beautiful and vibrant colored eyeliner on your lips because of the wide range of colors. Colors that you find in eyeliners that are generally not available in lip liners. Still, you see, there is a particular reason why you should think twice before you do that.

Yes, you can use eyeliner as a lip liner.

All cosmetic products come with warnings or disclaimers specifying how they should not be used. For example, in the case of eyeliner, some eyeliners come with a disclaimer stating that they should not be used on lips or so.

Why should you be careful of using eyeliner as a lip liner?

Eyeliner may contain some ingredients that shouldn’t be ingested, and lip liners can contain sensitive constituents to your eyes.

FDA has proper guidelines on such ingredients that should not be used in specific areas like skin, lips, eyes.

What should I know before using eyeliner as lip liner?

Eyeliners can be used as lip liners, but it’s not the same for all sorts of eyeliners.

I avoid using eyeliner on my lips because it leaves my lips dry and chapped at the end, usually lasting for at least two days. So you can consider this as a downside to using eyeliner as a lip liner.

Meanwhile, it can also come in handy as eyeliner has a wider and brighter spectrum of shades than lip liners, giving you more color options to apply on your lips.

Here are a few things you need to look out for before using eyeliner as lip liner:


  1. Drying of lips
  2. Non-ingestible constituents
  3. Disclaimer on the product 
  4. Moisturizing your lips
  5. Cross-contamination

Let’s dive a little deeper into each one of these factors.

Drying of lips:

Eyeliners tend to dry out your lips and leave them cracked or chapped.

How to avoid that:

You can apply a good moisturizer beforehand, or lip gloss, later on, can be helpful to keep your lips from drying.

Non-ingestible constituents:

The FDA (the food and drug administration) has specific guidelines for ingestible and toxic ingredients and has set a specific safe quantity limit even for those ingestible ingredients.

Constituents like methylparaben, polyparaben, retinyl palmitate and tocopheryl acetate are added as preservatives to cosmetic products but are known to be toxic to the human body if ingested.

What can you do:

If you’re willing to use an eyeliner that is not for the lips, then that will be entirely at your own risk.

Otherwise, you need to be careful of some specific ingredients before using eyeliner on your lips, like carbon black, parabens, lead, and benzalkonium chloride.

Disclaimer on the Eyeliners:

Typically, eyeliners that are not safe to be used on lips and are harmful, such liners come with a disclaimer of, “Not to be used on the lips.”

It is a requirement from the FDA, and you should consider that warning and be careful before applying the eyeliner.

Moisturizing your lips:

Eyeliners can dehydrate your lips and leave them parched one another thing you’re to care for before using the eyeliner on your lips.

How to care for your lips before applying eyeliner?

Moisturizing your lips is the best solution to avoid drying your lips.

  1. Apply lip moisturizer beforehand
  2. Nicely hydrate your lips.
  3. You can also apply lip gloss to retain the lip’s moisture.
  4. Cross-contamination by using eyeliner on lips:

Hygiene is one of the most critical issues you need to consider while applying makeup because bacteria on the face can flare up acne, especially on acne-prone skins and others.

This can also scare off a few people from using the same product in two places.

How to avoid cross-contamination:

You can easily avoid cross-contamination by simply sharpening the eyeliner before applying it to your lips.

How to use eyeliner as lip liner?

You can only use cream pencil eyeliner as a lip liner. This is because eyeliners have more vibrant shades and brighter colors than lip liners, yet it’s preferable to use colors closer to your lip and skin tone.

You can follow these steps to apply eyeliner as lip liner:

  1. Start by moisturizing your lips
  2. Then apply the eyeliner as you would use any lip liner
  3. You can then fill in the lips with the liner
  4. Now apply your shade of lipstick and enjoy a long-lasting color

What are the benefits of using eyeliner as lip liner?

There are several benefits of using eyeliner as a lip liner.

The following are a few benefits of using eyeliner as lip liner:

  1. Your lips look glamorous
  2. Better colors
  3. Cost-effectiveness

Your lips look glamorous:

Lip liners make your lips look more prominent and enhance their plumpness, which is lost with aging. However, using eyeliner as a lip liner can be quickly dealt with.

Better colors:

Eyeliners are found in many colors that are not available in lip liners. Also, eyeliners last longer than lip liners, which works better.


While keeping hygiene in mind, you can use the same eye pencil for both eyes and lips. This saves you the cost of buying separate eyeliners and lipliners.


Eyeliner can be used as a lipliner with proper care. However, you need to be cautious and look out for any disclaimer on the products and their ingredients.

If the eyeliner comes with a disclaimer of not being used on the lips, you should avoid using it because most of the products are either tested or studied, and if it says it should not be ingested or used on lips, then there must be some toxic substance present.

Apart from that. Take care of the hygiene of the eyes and lips. Don’t forget to sharpen the eye pencil before using it on lips to steer clear of cross-contamination.

Anyhow, eyeliners can be helpful if used following all the precautions carefully.