Is Cruelty-free Makeup Better for You

Is Cruelty-free Makeup Better for You

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Cruelty-free makeup products are products that don’t harm animals by testing their products on them. Testing products on animals could cause significant harm to them. There are estimates that 100 million animals, including; cats, dogs, rats, birds, and hamsters, die due to drug, chemical, cosmetics, medical training, and biology lessons. It is heartbreaking thinking that these are innocent animals going through something so horrible and have no one to speak for them. As a result, many makeup brands are abandoning animal testing and seeking alternatives to ensure no more damage.

Cruelty-free makeup is healthier for you and the environment, it is budget-friendly, makes you feel better, and is readily available. And most of all, no animals have to die or go through torture in the process. Animal testing is so unnecessary that it beats logic why it still happens in this century.

Below are reasons why cruelty-free makeup is better for you and why you should embrace it.

Animal Testing is Cruel

Imagine your pet dog or cat having people hold it down to put chemicals in its eyes or paws or skin. The thought of that alone is disturbing. Now imagine, these animals are kept in cages, tortured, and all manner of testing is done.

Big brands want you to believe that animal testing is necessary to know whether products are safe for humans. However, that is not the case. Cultured cell tissue and in-vitro testing are alternatives some companies use to save the animals from all the suffering. Animal testing is suitable for selfish companies because it is more affordable; thus, they can minimize their cost and charge you more while making massive profits. 

More than 7000 ingredients are proven safe to choose from, making it unnecessary to test more ingredients. Companies that choose to do the testing want to develop new formulations and increase their profit margins at the cost of innocent animals.

Cruelty-free Makeup is Healthier

Cruelty-free makeup is healthier because safe ingredients are used. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about artificial fragrances, parabens, and other harmful chemicals. Remember that whatever you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body. When you apply these ingredients, you do much more harm to your body than you may think. 

Cruelty-free makeup products also tend to have few ingredients. When it comes to makeup, less is better. You are less inclined to aggravate your skin if a product has fewer ingredients than if there is an endless list of ingredients. If you get skin irritation, it is easier to identify what you’re reacting to if your makeup product has fewer ingredients. 

Having products made from safe ingredients also means that they are also safe for the environment. All that you do has an immediate or indirect effect on the environment. When you dispose of a product’s packaging that you’re done with, there is a possibility of having traces of the products left in the bottle. That can easily find its way to the river or sea. If the product is made with harmful ingredients, that will affect other living creatures. Doesn’t it feel good when you use a product that will not pollute the environment? It sure does. The fact that you are making such a change by purchasing a product you love is enormous.

Cruelty-Free Brands Are Budget Friendly

When you hear cruelty-free, you probably think you have to break the bank to get your hands on it. Well, that’s not the case because many cruelty-free brands are affordable. Sometimes cheaper than makeup brands that still do animal testing.

Brands that have gone cruelty-free can offer products at friendlier prices because they use ingredients that have just been verified to be proven to be safe. Therefore, they don’t spend money doing further tests on new ingredients. By not spending money on additional testing, it saves on the experimental process making it less expensive.

Buying cruelty-free makeup will raise your awareness of what you put on your face. Therefore, you will not find yourself buying unnecessary makeup products, which reduces the among of money you spend on makeup.

Additionally, cruelty-free brands try to stay competitive with their counterparts who still test on animals by making their products affordable. Cruelty-free brands have made significant investments in making sure that testing on animals stops by providing that their products are available and affordable to their customers.

Buying Cruelty-free Makes you Feel Better

How does it feel when you choose an apple over a piece of pizza? What about when you go a flight of stairs rather than take an escalator? It feels good, right? It feels good because you know it’s excellent for your body and health in the long run. 

That’s the exact feeling you will feel choosing cruelty-free makeup. When you buy cruelty-free makeup, you are merely voting no to animal testing. It causes you to feel better, realizing that you are saving animals, and sends a message to brands that are still testing on animals. 

Cruelty-free makeup brands lead campaigns to end global warming and animal extinction; therefore when you buy their products, you are also part of the people making the change.

You also become more aware of what you are purchasing, which translates to a better lifestyle. Any change for the better will make you feel better about your choices. And the thought that you are saving cats and dogs from being put in cages, torture, and their death is bound to make you feel good about yourself and motivated to do more good in other areas in life.

Cruelty Makeup is Easily Available

Ever go into the store and failed to find what you were going to buy. That is not going to happen when you go to purchase cruelty-free makeup products. Cruelty-free makeup is easy to find. Because of the rising trend of people becoming aware of what they are consuming, cruelty-free brands are now stocking up at local stores. A distant memory was the days when there was a limited number of makeup brands to choose from. Today the market embraces cruelty-free makeup products.

Fenty Beuty, bareMinerals, and The Body Shop are some of the brands you might have seen on the shelves and didn’t know were cruelty-free. They are showing you that unlike years ago, cruelty-free brands are now becoming more visible.

In case you are unsure whether a brand is cruelty-free or not, there are boards such as PETA. PETA has an extensive database of all cruelty-free brands cutting out the work for you. All you have to do is search on their platform and find all the cruelty-free makeup brands.

Ban of Animal Testing in Some Countries

Countries are realizing the harmful effects of animal testing and banning it in their territories. Countries like South Korea, India, Israel, Norway, the European Union, New Zealand, and Switzerland have banned animal testing. This is a pattern that we hope to continue with more countries realizing the effects of animal testing. 

When countries see the adverse effects of animal testing, you know you are better off choosing cruelty-free makeup products. There is something they know, and they have decided not to take part by banning animal testing.


From above, you can see that there are many reasons why cruelty makeup is better. You realize that it is excellent for you and the environment and, most importantly, animals. There is a saying that change starts with you, and in this case, you get to make a change by choosing makeup products that you can trust. It doesn’t hurt adding your voice to something that makes the world a better place.

The cruelty-free trend is picking and is popular now more than ever. More individuals understand the significance of ensuring the relevance of protecting animals for long being subjected to torture—leading to more companies embracing the trend and going that route of producing cruelty-free makeup products.

Therefore, cruelty-free makeup products have gained popularity, making them readily available in stores. This article has made it even easier by listing all the reasons why buying cruelty-free products is better. You don’t have an excuse for why you still have makeup products that are tested on animals.


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