Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

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Most of the people around the globe are born with brown eyes. The reason is that the eye color is determined by the percentage of melanin in the body. Lower is the percentage of melanin, and lighter will be eye color. One of the benefits of having a brown eye color is that like you wear a brown coat suede with an outfit of any color, you can wear any eye shadow color with brown eyes. Your eyes would not look camouflaged even if you wear a brown eyeshadow.  

Brown, eyeshadow with brown eyes, gives you a natural look. You can also contrast a matte brown eyeshadow with a golden or silver eyeshadow. Applying a traditional brown eyeshadow on the lid and adding a touch of pop colors like emerald green, cobalt blue, dark maroon, magenta, or purple below the lower lash line is also suitable to wear at daytime parties.

Lilac or dark purple is yet another shade that looks good with brown eyes. Lilac shade enhances the brown eye color and makes it more visible. Lilac eyeshadow can be overall or can be mixed with any other bold and vibrant eyeshadow like parrot green or vibrant red eyeshadow. Dark purple eyeshadow can also be used as a general or can be used to create a dynamic, smokey eye makeup look. Emerald green eye makeup also goes great with brown eyes. Emerald green eyeshadow can be contrasted with colors like black for smoky eyes, blue for a vibrant touch, or magenta for an autumn-inspired touch.

The eyeshade that reminds us of the crisp of the autumn evenings is orange. It can be carried casually with a contrast of brown or copper shade or worn on formal parties with shimmery gold eyeshadow. Orange eyeshade can also be used as a transition shade sometimes to add depth to the crease. Using mystical matte hues like skin-colored shades over the lids with a touch of matte black or matte brown in the crease also look good and can serve as your new daily eye makeup look.  

If you have brown eyes, you are in luck. There are several eye makeup looks that will steal the show for brown eyes. Whether brown undertones, pink undertones, or pop colors like blues, greens, and orange, every color can complement the brown eyes so well. 

Below we have discussed a few eyeshades that you can use alone or contrast them with other eyeshades for a decent eye makeup look for brown eyes.

Brown Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

This color is perfect for the fall! I like to wear coffee shade. When you do not want to wear a super formal makeup look, this minimal makeup look can do it for you on casual days. It is quick, easy, and effortless. You do not need any special brushes or a unique eyeshadow pallet. 

All you need to do is grab your tapered blending eye brush and an eye shadow pallet with a matte brown shade. Pick up that matte brown shade on the brush and blend it on the crease. Make sure you mix it only on the crease and out and not on the eyelid. After you are done blending the eyeshadow, make a dramatic wing using the pigmented liquid, or felt tip eyeliner. This eye makeup look gives depth to bare eyes and makes them look fresh while keeping it simple and minimal. It is good to wear on casual hangouts and in workplaces. 

Neutral Brown with Gold

Neutral brown with a touch of gold eyeshades is also suitable for daily wear. Such a look can also be carried on small parties or gatherings with a little enhancement. To create the look for everyday wear, you need to have a matte brown eyeshadow and a shimmery gold eyeshadow. 

Apply the matte brown shade in the crease and softly blend it out by moving the tapered shadow brush in circular motions. You should not spread it much on the outer corner of the eyes. Let it be soft and edgeless. Once you are done with the crease, take a pigmented shimmery gold eyeshadow on your fingertip and swipe it over your eyelid. Gently blend the shimmery shade and matte shade using a blending brush. 

To wear this makeup at parties, you can create an edgy outer corner of the eye. You should first apply the eyeshadow as usual, i.e., in circular motions and later wipe it from the edge using a makeup removing wipe. You can also apply tape before applying eyeshadow or hide the excess eyeshadow using a concealer. Also, add the strokes of brown eyeshadow below the lower lash line. Top the eyeshadow with winged eyeliner or wear thin and natural-looking synthetic eyelashes to make the makeup look a little formal. 

Brown Shade with Smudged Eyeliner

The soft brown eyeshadow complements the brown color in your eyes and looks natural. Making it perfect for an everyday look because you do not want to overdo it. All you must do to make this makeup look is to create a sharp winged makeup look.

Here are the steps: 

  1. Blend a medium matte brown eyeshadow in the crease and half the way on the eyelid i.e. from the outer V of the eye till the half of the eyelid 
  2. After this, grab a black pencil liner and apply a thin line with it from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyelid. Also, fill the upper lash line with the eyeliner to add intensity
  3. Blend the liner using a thin eye makeup brush.
  4. Blend it only along the lash line and not over the whole eyelid.

    To add a little pop, apply shimmery copper or golden shade in the inner corner of the eye.  

Dark Brown Eyeshadow with Strokes of Pop Color

Traditional brown eyeshadow with some touch of gold may be boring sometimes. To add a little drama to your eyes, you can add strokes of any pop color below the lower lash line. 

To achieve this makeup look, you first need to conceal your eyelids using your favorite concealer.

After that:

  1. Take a tapered eyeshadow brush and pick up a desirable amount of brown eyeshadow on it.
  2. Blend this brown eyeshadow into the crease to add depth to the eyelids. Do not cover the whole of your eyelids with a brown color instead leave the eyelid bare. If you feel that the brown eyeshadow is applied to the eyelid, use a concealer to correct it. 

Apply a shimmery copper shade on the eyelids and a shimmery gold eyeshadow in the corner of the eye.

To make the look even more dramatic, take a shimmery or matte pop shade like navy blue or bottle green and apply it below the lower lash line. To make your eyes visible and enhanced, fill the waterline with a white eye pencil. 

You can also blend a shimmery and matte eyeshadow below the lower lash line to give a more glamorous look. Make sure you choose to have shimmery eyeshadow instead of a glitter eyeshadow because shimmery eyeshadow blends like butter and lasts longer. In contrast, a glittery eyeshadow sometimes falls off after a few hours.   

Purple Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Purple eyeshadows are once again back in fashion. They look dramatic and create a good mixture of pop and traditional eye makeup look. Brown eyes look effortlessly fabulous when you wear a purple, lilac, or violet eyeshadow. There are several ways to wear purple eyeshadow. You can contrast them with different primary eye shade colors. 

Below you will find a few of our favorite looks that you can create using purple eyeshadow.

Purple With Black

To create this eye makeup look, blend black matte eyeshadow on the eyes’ outer corner and into the crease using a tapered blending brush. Then apply a shimmery lilac, purple, or violet eyeshadow on the eyelid using your finger. To add more depth and drama, apply black eyeshadow below the lower lash line as well. To finish the look and enhance the eye makeup look, use a silver shimmery eyeshadow in the eyes’ inner corner.  

Purple Eyeshadow With Pink Crease

Another eye makeup look you can create using purple eyeshadow is to contrast it with pink—blend light pink eyeshadow in the crease using a tapered brush. Then apply lilac purple shimmery shade on the eyelid using a brush or your fingertips. Apply dark purple shade below the lower lash line to complete the look. To add a pop of color, apply a silver eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes. 

Overall Purple

Purple can be your new staple for the fall season. You can wear purple makeup with black winter outfits to add the pop of the color. You can also wear purple shades with pastel colors. All the pastel-colored outfits will make a good contrast with your purple eyeshadow. 

To have a great look for the winter you need a dark matte purple eyeshadow, a shimmery lilac or purple eyeshadow, and a silver eyeshadow to create this look. 

Blend the matte eyeshadow in the crease and extend it to the outer corner of the eyes. To keep it soft, move the brush in circular motions. To stay the eyeshade sharp on the outer eye, use tape before applying the eyeshadow or use the concealer later. Once you are done with the outer corner and the crease, take a shimmery purple shade on the fingertip and softly apply it on the eyelid. To complete the look, use a silver eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye. Apply the shimmery silver shade on the brow bone as well. To add more depth, apply a dark matte purple shade below the lower lash line. To make your brown eyes look wide, use a white kajal pencil on the waterline, and you are ready to rock your look.       

Blue Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

The best about having brown eyes is that you can carry any makeup look and look equally good. You do not need to worry if your lens color can get camouflaged with your eye makeup. Brown eyes sometimes look like black eyes, and we know every color goes well with black color. Blue eyeshadow look exquisitely cool with brown eyes and give you a core feeling of refreshment. 

There are several options to contrast your eyeshade with your outfit. For example, an icy blue eyeshadow can be applied when you wear a navy-blue outfit. Navy blue eyeshadow looks good with hot pink outfits or even with yellow outfits. To rock your overall black dress and balance the look, you can wear a blue eyeshadow instead of going for a black eyeshade. 

Blue eyeshadow can be contrasted with golden or silver to achieve a more glamorous look for parties. If wearing it for casual gatherings, you can wear an all-over blue eyeshadow.

Blue Eyeshadow With Silver Or Gold

Silver and golds give a formal look and perfectly balance the pop of blue eyeshadow. To create an eye makeup look using golden, silver, and blue colors, you need to have a shimmery gold eyeshadow, shimmery silver eyeshadow, and a matte navy-blue eyeshadow. 

Blend the blue eyeshade in the crease using a tapered brush and extend it to the eye’s outer corner. Then apply a golden shade on the eyelid with the help of your fingertips. To make the eyes look enhanced, use the silver shade in the inner corner of the eye. For depth, you can either use a light brown matte eyeshadow below the lower lash line or apply the same matte navy-blue shade.

Overall Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eye makeup gives a stunning look like any other traditional shade. To create an overall blue eyeshadow makeup look, you need to have a cobalt blue matte eyeshadow and a cobalt blue shimmery eyeshadow. 

Applying the eyeshade is the same as discussed above, i.e., blend the matte eyeshadow in the crease and extend it to the outer corner. It is better to make a sharp outer corner when using a blue eye shade because it looks bold and beautiful. On the top of the eyelid, you must apply a shimmery cobalt blue eyeshadow using your fingertip. It is better not to add any eyeshade below the lower lash line because this may overdo the makeup look.

Green Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Sharing an eye color with half of the world’s population does not mean that you are destined to blend it with the crowd. A pretty eye makeup look that is neither drab nor cuckoo bananas is a green eye makeup look. 

“Green tones come in a wide range of mattes, metallics, and shimmery eyeshadow; they all are good to pick up any flecks in brown.” You can mix and match green eyeshades with other colors to create some aesthetically pleasing eye makeup looks for winters. A few eye makeup looks that you can start using green eyeshadow are listed below.

Green Eyeshadow with Contrasting Colors

Emerald green eyeshade is a shade that isn’t so bright, so it does not look weird when contrasted with other eyeshades. It represents freshness, and when contrasted with different colors, it can instantly uplift your outfit game. You can counter a green eyeshade with a magenta eyeshadow. It might sound weird, but you must try it on. Build the crease using a magenta eyeshadow and cover the eyelid with matte green and then with a shimmery green eyeshade. This eye makeup look is best suited for night parties or with outfits with green, magenta, black, or royal blue color.

Green Eyeshadow With Gold

Green with golden eye shade also looks good. You can apply olive green or emerald green eyeshade in the crease and a golden eye shade on the lid to keep things minimal. Also, use brown eyeshadow below the lower lash line. But if you want a bolder and more blended look, you can also use the same matte emerald or olive-green eyeshade below the lower lash line. 

Green Eyeshadow With Blue

If you want to wear a green eyeshadow in the daylight parties, you can contrast a pastel green eyeshadow with a cobalt blue eyeshadow. Another daytime contrast that you should try out with a matte green eyeshadow is with lilac shade. Apply lilac shade on the lids and extend it to the outer corner of the eyes. Then apply matte green eyeshade in the inner corner of the eyes. Even if you use a parrot green shade in the eyes’ inner corner, it will look great because brown eyes do not get camouflaged with vibrant eyeshadow. 

Smoky Green Eyeshadow Makeup Look

Smoky green eye makeup also looks ethereal and on the point. To create such a look, you first need to apply a brown eye shade in the crease. Then use matte black eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eyes and extend it outwards. After this, take a matte dark green eyeshade and apply it to the lid. Top the matte green-eyeshade with a shimmery dark green eyeshade to add the sparkle. Also, use a thin line of matte brown or matte black eyeshadow below the lower lash line to complete the look. 

Overall Green Eyeshadow

Emerald green eyeshades, when applied to the eyes, look exquisitely neat. It gives you a completely royal look. You can use only matte green eyeshadow to while up to your eyelids and add a silver touch in the eyes’ inner corner. 

If you do not like only matte green eyeshadow, you can create the crease using a darker shade of green eyeshadow like an olive-green color or a darker shade of emerald green. After this, apply a metallic green eyeshadow on the eyelid. To get a more intense pigment of metallic eyeshadow, pick up the powdered eyeshadow on the brush and spray a little makeup setting spray on the brush. Make sure that you maintain 6-8 inches of distance between the brush and the spray. This method will give you an intense pigment and will make your makeup last longer. 

To add more detail to the eyes, apply the matte green-eyeshade half the way below the lower lash line using a thin eye makeup brush. Fill the other half using a matte brown eyeshadow so that it could balance the look.

Orange Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

The golden hours of the autumn season have inspired many painters as well as makeup artists. To show the autumn seasons’ crispiness via your makeup can be only by using orange eyeshadow. Anyone having a brown eye color can quickly get obsessed with warm orange shades because it genuinely looks fantastic and makes a great contrast with their lens color. 

A tangerine or copper lid may remind you of a pumpkin-spiced latte. Orange eyeshadow, when mixed with other hues, can make your makeup look amazing. 

Orange With Golden or Copper

Building up the crease using the orange eyeshadow and covering the lid with a shimmery or metallic golden shade can make you feel blended in the beauty of fiery autumn sunsets. To add some more depth, you can add a little matte brown shade to the corner of the crease after applying orange eyeshadow. 

Adding a brown shade will enhance the look of the eyes. Instead of a bright gold metallic shade, you can also use a copper shade to make your eye makeup look more casual. You can wear this makeup look to your workplace or for when you go to dine out in an aesthetic café alongside the road.   

Smoky Orange Eyeshadow Makeup Look

Smokey eye makeup does not mean you have to grab a matte black or shimmery black eyeshadow and apply it all over your lid, spreading it through the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner and in the crease as well.

You can create a dramatic smokey eye makeup look using a warm matte orange eyeshadow in the crease and then apply a matte jet-black eyeshadow on the eyelid starting from the tear duct to the outer V. To add a touch of glam, you can use a shimmery or metallic black eyeshadow as well. To add more details and drama, apply a matte black eyeshadow half the way below the lower lash line and fill the other half with a matte brown eyeshadow. Using contrasting colors will make it easy for you to manage the smoky eye makeup and make it look balanced and fresh. 

Matte Mystical Hues

Autumn season calls for some chic and dark-colored clothing. By the time fall arrives, there is a good chance that you are over the no-makeup look. To keep things minimal and straightforward and reflect the season’s warmth from your eyes, you can use matte black and light brown or skin-colored matte eyeshadows in collaboration.

To create this look, build the crease using a black eye shade and then cover the eyelid with a brown eyeshadow. For a quick touch up, you can also use your favorite bronzer to build the crease. Don’t forget to apply the same dark-colored eyeshadow below the lower lash line. To make the makeup look a little dewy, you can add a pop of golden highlighter on the brow bone.


If you have brown eye color, then you may feel yourself common, but you have one plus point that you can wear most of the shades present in the eyeshadow pallet. You only need to mix and match the colors. It is not necessary that if you, for example, want to wear a purple eyeshadow, then it should be all purple. You can mix it with different colors like brown, black, or pink according to the occasion and your outfit. Lighter shades like pastel shades of sky blue, parrot green, lilac, etc. do not disturb the visibility of your eye color i.e. brown eye color does not get camouflaged with the color of eye makeup.  


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