6 Easy Makeup Looks For Daytime

6 Easy Makeup Looks For Daytime

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Makeup is an art, and mastering the right look with the proper strokes and products can make a massive difference in the outcome. When it comes to makeup, it isn’t a one-fits-every-look equation since everyone is different in their way. This is why we have listed a few of the daytime routines you might want to try.  

What is a daytime makeup look?

Daytime makeup classifies as the everyday makeup that you wear during the daytime, which means it is ideal for working people, running errands, going to college, basically the makeup you can wear throughout the day without looking too over the top. It’s subtle, fresh looking and makes you appear put together.

Why do you need a dedicated routine for daytime makeup?

The answer is pretty simple, your skin tends to look different under the sun, exposing more of the texture, flaws, and cakiness (if any), making daytime makeup trickier than night time makeup. Daytime makeup should also be seamless and easy on the eyes and leave you looking fresh, radiant, and natural.

Do I need to revamp my vanity for a daytime look?

Not at all, you can continue using your holy grail products to achieve the daytime look; the one thing that needs to change is applying those products onto your face. However, it is always good to invest in something better recommended to add to your vanity.

Look 1: The effortless no-makeup look.

Ideal for people who don’t like wearing too much makeup daily but still want to look fresh and put-together for the day.

  1. Start with your favorite moisturizer, and don’t forget to apply your SPF!
  2. Take a concealer that matches your natural skin tone and start working on the problem areas, including dark under-eyes and blemishes.
  3. Blend the boundaries out of the concealer for a seamless and non-detectable finish on the skin.
  4. Set the previously concealed areas with a translucent powder or a compact tinted powder.
  5. Add color to your cheeks with a cream/liquid or powder blush. Cream blushes tend to look the most natural on the skin; however, they may not seem to be an ideal option for combination to oily skin types as they have lots of moisture added to them. You can also opt for a cheek stain, which is a liquid gel-based formula that won’t budge.
  6. Frame your face by filling in the brows, making sure you follow their natural shape. Keep it light and feathery for the everyday daytime look and save the bold browse for your evening and night looks. If you already have bushy brows that don’t need a ton of filling in, use a tinted brow gel to tame them in place.
  7. For the eyes, apply fake lashes. For a subtle lash look we recommend going for Bella lashes then go in with a very light layer of mascara.
  8. For the lips, you can go in with a gloss or dab, a color that matches your lips’ natural color.
  9. Lock everything into place with a final spritz of setting spray, and you’re done!

Look 2: Radiant as ever

Ideal for the girls who want to look fresh, radiant, and pulled together!

  1. Moisturize, apply your SPF, prime with a smoothing primer, and apply a light layer of your favorite BB cream. You can use a CC cream as well if you’ve got more to cover. BB creams offer a sheer coverage in comparison to the CC creams. If you still feel like your blemishes are peaking through, conceal them and set the face with a powder.
  2. Add a natural-looking blush to your cheeks.
  3. Fill in the spare parts in your brows and set with a brow gel.
  4. Apply a brown kohl pencil to the upper waterline (tight line) for the illusion of thicker lashes and apply a medium-toned brown eye shadow in the crease to contour the eyes.
  5. Once you’ve contoured the eyes, apply a bright highlight shade in the inner corners to brighten up the eye, and make them look wide awake. Finish with a luscious coat of mascara.
  6. Keep the lips nice and hydrated with a cream finish lipstick.
  7. Opt for a dewy setting spray for a luminous, youthful, and fresh complexion!

Look 3: Daytime glam

Who says daytime looks can’t be glam? Daytime looks can range from natural to uber-glam, involving shimmers and even micro glitters!

  1. Moisturize, apply SPF, and prime according to your skin type.
  2. Conceal the problem areas with concealer and apply a light layer of foundation building it where needed and lock it in place with a powder.
  3. Fill in the sparse areas in the brows and lock them in place with a brow gel.
  4. For the eyes, go in with a medium brown crease shade in the crease to define it, darken up the outer corners and apply a shimmery shade to the mobile eyelid.
  5. For that extra oomph, tight line (Apply a brown kohl pencil to the upper waterline, for the illusion of thicker lashes) and add in a generous coat of mascara. You can also add a subtle brown liner for that extra definition!
  6. Go in with neutral-toned blush and highlight the tops of your cheekbones.
  7. Switch up the lip for something velvet or satin finish.
  8. Complete the look with a spritz of setting spray to keep the makeup from moving throughout the day!

Look 4: Bold and Beautiful

Go bold or go home: pucker up with lips so fierce, they’ll do all the talking!

  1. Moisturize, protect with SPF and prime. You can also mix primers to cater to different problems on the skin, use a hydrating primer on the drier areas of the face, and a mattifying one in the T-zone, prime smart!
  2. Color correct if there is a need and move to conceal problem areas followed by a light layer of your favorite foundation. Remember to build a foundation in light layers rather than going in with a thick layer of foundation.
  3. Set with a powder to lock everything in place and apply a warm terracotta blush to the cheeks and temples; you can even go in with your favorite bronzer.
  4. Groom the brows to a slightly more defined arch.
  5. Contour and brighten up the eye to make sure you don’t use mattes that are too dark or shades that are too glittery and add some brown winged liner tying the eyes together. Finish with a generous coat of mascara.
  6. Line your lips and put on a bold lipstick that you love.
  7. Set the face with your favorite setting spray to look fresh all day!

Look 5: Pop of color

Ideal for people who love adding color to their looks while sleeping, the rest of the makeup subtly and naturally!

  1. Moisturize, protect with SPF, and prime as per your skin’s requirements.
  2. Go in with a concealer and your foundation to perfect the base to your liking.
  3. Fill in the brows and make sure to enhance the natural arch of your brow.
  4. Contour the eye with a medium brown shade and go in with a pop of color on your mobile eyelid, from pinks to greens to lilacs to blues, the possibilities are endless!
  5. If you’re not about the pop of color on the eyelids, you can always pack that pop of color on your lower lash line for a more subtle yet powerful look!
  6. You can also keep the eyes neutral and add a pop of color to the inner corners of your eye for more fun and editorial take on wearing colors.
  7. Keep the blush neutral so that it doesn’t compete with the eyes.
  8. Add a generous coat of mascara.
  9. Opt for a nude or a warm peachy lip to complete the look.
  10. Use a setting spray to seal all the goodness in place!

Look 6: Daytime smokey eyes

Ideal for people who love carrying off a dark, sultry day appropriate smokey eye!

  • Moisturize, apply SPF and prime the face to perfection.
  • Color correct under the eyes and conceal the darkness under the eyes.
  • Prime the eyelids with a tinted eye primer to get rid of any discoloration on the eyelids and make the shadows last all-day.
  • For the ultimate daytime smoky look, switch the typical black eye shadow for a brown one. Define the crease with a taupe brown color and then with a medium brown to darken up the outer corners, go in with a dark brown shadow all over the eyelid for that sultry smoky eye that’s wearable during the day time!
  • Don’t forget to line your waterline with a brown kohl liner and smudge the lower lash line with the same browns combination you used in the crease.
  • For some extra oomph, add in a black eye shadow as a liner and smoke it out.
  • Clean the fall out under the eye and apply your foundation layer by layer until you’re happy with the coverage.
  • If you don’t want a full-blown smoky eye, you can go in with your favorite brown eye shadow or kohl and smudge it until you’re happy with the smoky-ness and the definition.
  • Add in some bronzer, neutral blush, and some highlighter to the high points of your face.
  • Don’t forget to fill in the brows.
  • Go in with a nude lip or something that doesn’t compete with your smoky eye.
  • Lock it all in with a setting spray!


Having the right daytime makeup is probably one of the most critical looks. Since this is something you apply every day. You can mix and match the steps from the recommended routines and make a custom routine of your own, don’t be afraid to experiment! Also, let us know what your favorite day time routine is.


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