What color lipstick would go well with a grey dress? 12 Colors!

What color lipstick would go well with a grey dress? 12 Colors!

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Selecting the correct shade of lipstick to go with your dress is an uphill task.

Grey is a neutral color and requires brighter, warm, or vibrant hues that bring out its color. Red, pink ad nude color lipsticks are faultless choices. Apart from these feisty colors, darker shades of brown and purple also can agree with a grey dress. It is also highly suggested to go with matte colors as they are long-lasting and effective. 

Another thing to remember is grey does not give you freedom when it comes to makeup. Thus, it requires a lot of effort to filter out the correct lipstick colors that could put your grey dress in the best light.

Here is a list of decent and bold shades of lipsticks that you can wear with your grey outfit:

Red lipstick shades with a grey dress:

It might seem very cliché to suggest shades of red with a grey dress, but there is nothing better than a red lipstick that says, “I am gorgeous and confident.” Red has so many shades with a slight change that it is difficult to distinguish between its shades. And you might not want to go with the wrong shade because not all shades go with all looks and dresses. So here are some amazing, vibrant, and complementing hues of red to go with your grey dress.

  1. Carmine
  2. Burgundy
  3. Coral Reds
Red lipstick grey dress


It’s a slightly lighter shade of maroon and is also called imperial red. Carmine is a rich color tone that exhibits nobility and strength. Also, it spruces up the grey dress. It balances the overall theme of your makeup like no other color can. If it is a special occasion like a date or a wedding, you might not want to miss out on carmine-toned lipstick because it has a romantic notion to it too.


Burgundy is a dark and robust shade of red. It has a high-impact shade that exhibits a moody and vibrant ambiance. The burgundy lipsticks go perfectly with a grey dress and aggregate to its glamour. If you are bold, classy, and a boss lady, all at the same time, burgundy is so your color. In addition to that, you might want to try both the matte and glossy Burgundy lipsticks because they are both feisty.

Coral Red:

It is a pale shade of red, and it holds the beauty of a blend of orange and red tones. This lipstick color exhibits innocence and freshness.

Coral red goes great with grey shades. Especially when you are wearing a darker shade of grey, you might want to add coral red lipstick to your look. Moreover, the coral red lipsticks are lovely add-ons for get-togethers, trips, and day colleges. If you are a party girl, but you have to keep it simple, you might want to try this and get addicted.

Nude lipstick shades with a grey dress:

Grey is a neutral color, and it is a myth that nude color lipsticks don’t enhance the beauty of neutral color dresses. Nude colors have always been underrated. Here, we are busting the myth and sharing the hot, amiable, and balmy shades of nude to go along your grey dress like a dream. Whenever you use nude colors to boost your look, remember it is good to stick with matte lipsticks. 

  1. Sand Nude
  2. Caramel Nude
  3. Desert Taupe

Sand Nude:

Sand Nude-colored lipsticks give a warm and smooth touch to the lips. They complement not only the grey dress but also the skin tone. This color is pale and peachy that gives it warmth, and creates a friendly aura around the person. Glossy nude lipsticks look appealing, but if you are wearing a grey dress, we suggest you use matte lipsticks.

Caramel Nude:

Caramel nude lipsticks blend brown and grey and appear as shiny buffs that make you look adorable, and color gives the most appealing look. This is undoubtedly a refreshing accompaniment to a grey dress.

Desert Taupe:

Beige and grey are blended to create the desert taupe shade of lipsticks. It is a hot greyish shade that is thriving and luxuriant if combined with a grey dress. The two shades of grey give rise to a positive vibe. You might want to go with the desert taupe lipstick above your grey dress to look for a neutral monochromatic and elegant look. Also, you might want to consider using the matte desert taupe lipstick because it gives a smooth texture.

Pink lipstick shades with a grey dress:​

Some shades of pink go hand in hand with grey dresses. Moreover, pink is such a delicate color, and it is thought to have a charming and sweet effect. But pink has so many shades, and we have filtered out the best shades of pink to go along your grey attire. You can use both matte and glossy lipsticks when it comes to pink, as both have a mesmerizing effect.

  1. Magenta
  2. Hot Pink
  3. Peach
Pink lipstick grey dress


It is a deep and dark shade of pink that glams up your dress and smoothers your lip makeup. It has a fiery vibe to it. Grey dress and Magenta lipsticks get along just like, meant to be. It supports and enhances the color of the dress and also makes you look charismatic. For better results and creamy texture, you might want to use matte magenta lipsticks.

Hot Pink:

Hot Pink lipsticks justify their name so well. This shade of pink is my personal favorite because it is versatile. It quickly goes with anything you wear, especially colors like grey and light pink. This color gives off a bold, strong, and classy aura that makes you look alluring. In addition to that, a bit of hot pink glitter lipstick won’t hurt.


The peach shade lipsticks are always a good choice for a day function. If you are wearing grey party wear, you would not want to skip wearing peach pink lipstick. It has a soft, warm touch to it. It harmonized with grey dresses and made your overall look astonishing. Peach lipsticks put out a youthful and calm vibe. You might want to add a transparent gloss for better finishing.

Other Lipstick Shades That Work With A Grey Dress:

Apart from shades of red, pink, or nude, other colors of lipsticks fall in with the grey dress, like a dream. These shades stand out and give the most vibrant and cool look to your appearance.

  1. Chocolate Brown
  2. Old Mauve
  3. Rose Golden
Other lipstick grey dress

Chocolate Brown:

This darker shade of brown resembles the color of wet mud, and it suits everybody. It complements all the skin tones and brings out a new shine to neutral color dresses like grey. Nothing can go wrong with wearing chocolate brown lipstick and a grey outfit.

Brown is bold and glamorous and defines the shape of lips beautifully. You might want to go with matte lipstick if you are looking for a more subtle look, or you can go all glam with glossy lipstick.

Old Mauve:

Old mauve is a darker shade of purple and is very alluring. It is a bend or blue and pale purple and is a super-rich color that would put a grey outfit in light. Mauve represents a cool, easy-going personality. It also creates a friendly aura.

The dark purple texture of mauve lipsticks gives your outfit a finishing touch. Using glossy and vibrant lipstick will always be a clever idea, but we suggest that you should go with matte sticks while applying gaudy colors like mauve. Matte lipsticks are always a plus point.

Rose Gold:

Last but not least, gold rose-colored lipsticks are setting trends. It would be safe to say that grey and gold rock the look when paired up. Rose gold is a mix of glitter and glam. When it comes to rose gold lipsticks, you might want to skip the matte lipstick and go with shiny and cool glitter gold rose lipstick. These not only perfectly define the look but also make you look out of the world.

The exhibit of a bold, audacious, and loud vibe using rose gold lipstick could be a plus to your overall look.


To rock your grey outfit look, lipstick colors like carmine red, burgundy, or coral red are conventional yet exquisite choices.

If you want to skip the mainstream colors, you might want to go with shades of pink lipsticks like; magenta, hot pink, or peach. Nude shade lipsticks might not be a popular choice to wear with the grey dress, but they create an enthralling experience.

More daring and bold shades like chocolate brown, old mauve, and rose gold are also a gallant choice. If these are not your go-to colors, always remember experiencing new things is better than ending up with an unbalanced look. 


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