Can you take off makeup with olive oil

Can you take off makeup with olive oil

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Different people use different techniques to remove makeup. You might have seen those Instagram videos where women follow a high maintenance skin care regimen. Such skin care regimen could start with cleansing the face, applying toner, antioxidant serums, eye creams, etc. All these products nourish the skin and make it smooth and spotless. But how about using a product that could have properties of all of these in one? Yes, you read it right. Such a product exists and is not any extraordinarily expensive serum or a cleanser with fancy packaging and a long ingredient list. This product would not even cost you hundreds of dollars. Such a product is olive oil, which is a pretty much standard household product. 

Removing makeup with olive oil comes with many benefits. Olive oil is budget-friendly and is a standard household product. It moistens the skin and can prove to help fight dark spots or remove pigmentation. When you remove makeup with olive oil, the nutrients present in olive gets absorbed into the skin. It also has properties that protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Olive oil also helps to remove waterproof makeup from the face without any hassle. 

Benefits of using olive oil as a makeup remover:

Olive oil can be the best home beauty solution to remove makeup, and here is why:


Good cleansers and makeup removers cost way too high. Some of them have chemicals that might cause harm to your skin. Out of the hundreds of makeup removers available in the market, it is a bit difficult to choose the best cleanser for your face. Some cleaners cost some $10 to $30 but do not have perfect makeup removing properties. 

But olive oil is a natural product. It does not contain as many chemicals as any other cleanser or makeup remover. It also costs so low as compared to other skincare products in the market. So, it is good to give olive oil a chance to remove your makeup. If the oil suits your skin, it is well and good, and if not, you can look for options available in the market.

Helps Fade Acne Spots

The evidence about this benefit is biased, but olive oil might help you fade acne spots from your skin. Olive helps the skin cells to regenerate. And if not fading acne scars, olive oil can surely help you clean up the pores and do a deep cleansing of your face. 

Moisturizes the Skin

Olive oil is an oil, provides moisture to the skin. It prevents the skin from rashes and dullness. Water-based makeup removers make the skin rough, especially when you rub a wet cotton wipe against the skin around the eyes. Olive oil does not let your skin get dehydrated or dull when you rub it against the skin.  

Provide Vitamins

Olive oil is rich in vitamins. Significantly, olive oil has some reasonable amounts of vitamin A, D, and K, and vitamin E. These vitamins have countless benefits for the skin. When you apply olive oil directly to the skin, these vitamins get absorbed into the skin, resulting in nourishing the skin. 

Protects skin against harmful ultraviolet rays

Olive consists of a component named squalene in high amounts. Due to the presence of squalene, experts claim that olive oil is a good antioxidant. Meaning olive oil might help protect your skin against harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is the root cause of cancer.   

Great for removing waterproof makeup

To remove water-resistant makeup, especially mascara, is a significant hassle. Many eyelashes fall off when we rub a cotton pad, damped in water-based makeup remover, against the eyes. The waterproof mascaras never get dissolved with water-based makeup removers. On the other hand, olive oil quickly melts mascaras with such stubborn formulae.  

Reverse aging

As mentioned above, olive oil consists of antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent premature aging. When you use olive oil as a makeup remover, the nutrients present in olive oil get absorbed into the skin, preventing aging. 

How to remove makeup using olive oil?

To remove makeup using olive oil, you need olive oil, absorbing tissues, and cotton pads. There are two methods to remove the makeup using olive oil. Either you can put the oil on a cotton pad and remove the makeup, or you can take olive oil on your palm and massage your face to make the makeup melt. After both methods, you must absorb the excess oil from the face using absorbing tissue and then wash the face.

It is important to do a patch test before applying olive oil on your face. 

2 ways to remove makeup with olive oil

Things you need

Here is a list of things you need to remove makeup using olive oil:

  1. Organic Olive Oil (make sure your olive has no artificial ingredients or fragrances)
  2. Cotton pads, cotton wipes, or cotton balls
  3. Absorbing Tissue 

Two methods to remove makeup using olive oil

There are two methods to remove makeup from your skin using olive oil. Here we are discussing both ways in complete detail.

Method 1:

This method to remove makeup using baby oil is a decent and quick one. No extra energy is required to follow this method. All you must do is follow these few simple steps.

Take a cotton ball, cotton pad, or cotton wipe and pour 2-4 drops of olive oil on it. 


Start cleansing from wherever you like. But make sure you use a different cotton pad for various places like eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. Here we will be starting from cheeks. To remove makeup from cheeks using olive oil, gently rub the cotton pad, cotton wipe, or cotton ball in circular motions on the skin. The makeup will melt and come off quickly. After all, the makeup will be gone from the cheeks, forehead, and chin, and use an absorbing tissue to absorb any excess oil left on the skin.  


Next, you must remove makeup from your eyes. Olive oil is a great product to remove waterproof makeup products such as mascaras or glitter eyeshadow. To remove eye makeup using olive oil, pour a few olive oil drops on the cotton pad and place the pad on the eye.

Gently press it on the eye helping stubborn makeup to melt. Once you feel that your eye makeup has melted completely, move the cotton ball in circular motions on the eye. The circular motions will transfer all the makeup from the eyes on the cotton ball. Repeat the process for the other eye as well. If there are residues of mascara on the lashes, take a new cotton pad, pour some oil on it, and rub it gently until all the lumps of mascara melt and come off the lashes.

Step 1
Step 2


Olive oil is a great way to moisturize your lips. When you remove lipstick using olive oil, your lips get nourished. You can also use DIY Olive oil lip scrub to remove makeup.

    1. To make olive oil lip scrub, you need three ingredients: olive oil, sugar, and honey. In a bowl, mix 1 t teaspoon olive oil, one teaspoon honey, and raw sugar (as required to make the mixture thick). Mix all three ingredients well. The consistency of the mix must be moderately thick. To lipstick using this scrub, take a small amount of scrub on the tip of your finger and gently rub it on the upper and lower lips. This scrub will not only remove lipstick but will also help you remove dead skin off the lips and will nourish the lips. 
    2. Some people are allergic to honey on their skin, suggesting that they should not add honey to the scrub. Olive oil and sugar can also do wonders for you.

Once you remove all the makeup, take a tissue paper, and dab it on the face. Dabbing will help absorb all the excess oil left on the skin.

Do not forget to wash your face after removing makeup because this is how to make sure that there is no more makeup on the skin.

Method 2:

This method is a bit messy and needs extra effort. 

You must take a few (4-5) drops of olive oil on your palm. Rub both hands to spread olive oil evenly.

Massage your face with both hands for 2-3 minutes. Massaging the face with oily hands will make the makeup melt off. Also, rub your eyelashes with oily hands to make the mascara melt. This method not only removes the makeup but also helps to make the blood circulation better. For people who apply makeup daily, this method is excellent for keeping their face in shape and tightened. 

Massaging the face also prevents aging and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. Massaging olive oil on the face also fights pigmentation and dark spots.

After you finish massaging the face with olive oil, you can directly wash your face or first remove the oil with a cotton pad and then wash the face. Both methods will thoroughly remove the makeup from your skin.

What makes olive oil a good makeup remover?

As the name shows, you extract olive oil from olives. The composition of olive oil may differ with the origin of cultivation of olives, manufacturing, and extraction process.

However, most commonly, olive oil is composed of fatty acids, triacylglycerol’s, and lipids. Fatty acids are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes and helps in reducing the natural oil production on the skin. Triacylglycerols helps smoothen the skin and lock the skin’s moisture. It is good for people who have extremely dry skin types. Lipids in olive oil helps in maintaining skin’s strength and prevents the impurities from getting deposited in the pores. Olive oil also has good nutrition factors and is a source of calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins like vitamin A and K. Therefore, experts immensely use olive oil in designing diet plans. 

Other uses of olive oil in skincare

You can use a face mask containing olive oil in it. You can use fuller’s earth (a mud/clay-like substance widely used in organic skincare) and olive oil combination to help fight pigmentation and dark spots. 

As mentioned above, you can make a lip scrub containing olive oil and sugar and use it to make your lips naturally pink and super soft. 

Once a week, you can use olive oil to massage your face helping tighten your skin and moisturize your skin.

Who should not use olive on the skin?

Although olive cold-pressed and unrefined oil is a natural product and is widely used by people on their skin, it can still cause some side effects since not everything works for everyone the right way because every person has different skin. 

Olive oil cannot be the best option on highly acne-prone skin. The reason is that, like any other oil, olive oil can also get clogged in the pores, which afterward leads to acne formation. If you have acne-prone skin is facing any dryness on the skin due to acne medication, then using small amounts of olive oil on the skin can be beneficial.

We recommend doing a patch test before using any new product on the skin may it be a makeup product or an organic skincare product. Even natural products do not suit every skin type, so it is better to know what is suitable for your skin before usage.  


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