Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup Vs. Hiring a Professional

Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup Vs. Hiring a Professional

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Planning your wedding can be a hectic and nerve-wracking experience, from booking a venue to sending invitations to your visitors to getting your hair and makeup done. It can be overwhelming. This article will help you in making the crucial decision of whether to do your makeup or hire a professional. We will discuss things to consider before making your final choice below the pros and cons of hiring a makeup artist and tips to help you choose the perfect makeup artist.

Factors to Consider When Deciding on Your Wedding Makeup:


When you are planning for a wedding, finances are a concern. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the cost of hiring a professional makeup artist or doing your makeup. 

If you decide to do your makeup, you have to buy things to do a complete makeup look, from primer to setting spray to makeup brushes. If you don’t wear makeup on regular days, this is expensive because you probably won’t use the makeup products again. When doing your makeup, you have to be willing to buy professional and quality products that you would not use daily. Remember that a wedding is a one-time special event meaning that you have to look your best. 

Aside from makeup products, you also have to pay for makeup classes where you’ll learn how to do your wedding makeup properly. It is crucial to understand that wedding makeup is different from everyday makeup, making it necessary to learn the skills.

There are also costs associated with hiring a makeup artist. You need to pay for their services and the time they spend doing your makeup. Therefore before deciding on whether or not to hire a professional, put this into consideration.


Do you do your makeup every day? Are you comfortable doing your eyeliner and brows? As stated above, a wedding is a one-time event; you do not want to gamble and take chances. Ensure you know what you are doing because your wedding pictures will remain with you forever. 

If you feel like there’s something you are not comfortable with, you can go for a class to perfect your skill. Or better yet, get a professional to do your makeup. Ensure that whoever you hire for your makeup has experience doing bridal makeup. Interview the artist before hiring them to make sure that they know what they are doing.


The period leading to your wedding can pass by fast. You will likely have too many things to be done, making you not have time to think about your makeup. Therefore, it is essential to consider that when deciding on who to do your makeup. Will you be too tired on the morning of your wedding? 

If you want to rest and be pampered, then getting a professional is ideal. Please weigh in on time you will spend doing your makeup versus the time it’ll take a professional to do the same and make a choice based on that. If you don’t have a problem waking up early to set up your makeup table, you can do your makeup.

Other External Factors

Now there are things like the weather, emotions, and photographs. These three play a huge role when deciding what kind of makeup you put on for the day. The morning of your wedding will be an emotional rollercoaster for you; it would be challenging for you to factor in all these. A professional will choose mascara that won’t run when you cry, for instance. Or give you a finish that doesn’t look unnatural on your wedding pictures. They will provide you with that balance, ensuring that you look flawless in pictures and person.

Tips To Help You Hire The Perfect Makeup Artist

Get Referral and Reviews of Makeup Artists

The wedding planning period is usually hectic because you are up and about making sure everything is perfect. To save yourself the hustle of finding the ideal makeup artist, ask your family and friends to refer you to a makeup artist they have worked with for their weddings. Get several of them. You can even go further to get reviews online and ask for their portfolio. Having 2 – 3 artists to choose from allows you to choose one that suits your best.

Do a Trial

Like you would do a driving test, you should also try on makeup before the big day. Doing this will ensure that you get a feel of what the makeup will look like that day. Having a trial makeup session lets you know what works and what doesn’t. It also helps you finalize what makeup artist you want to go with because they aren’t all the same. 

You can carry with you pictures of makeup looks that you would like them to try on you. The photos will give your makeup artist an idea of what you are going for. Ensure that you get replicas of what you want, don’t settle for less for your big day. Doing this will also reduce anxiety on the morning of the wedding; no one likes surprises, especially on their wedding day. Knowing what to expect from your makeup artist will help you enjoy the whole process.

Start Early

Don’t wait until you have no time to book a makeup artist. Just like you book a venue six months prior, book your makeup artist early enough. Finding a makeup artist at the start saves you from the last-minute rush and avoiding instances where you find your preferred makeup artist is not available.

You also have ample time to discuss with your makeup artist what you would like them to do. You get to know their personality and attitude, enabling you to decide whether you can work with them. It can be stressful working with a makeup artist that brings negative energy or one that has a bad attitude on the morning of your wedding. Additionally, you have time to hire and fire until you find the perfect makeup artist.

Familiarize Yourself with Their Products

It is crucial to know and examine the products your makeup artist will use on you. If you don’t like the scent or consistency, or brand, you can have them swap to comfortable products. You can make suggestions or even show them the products you are familiar with to see if they can use them. You also want to mention if you have sensitive skin so that the artists use appropriate products on you. Sensitive skin requires extra care; therefore, make sure you research the products your makeup artist chooses before letting them use. You can even use them before the wedding for a few days to see any reaction.

Have a Budget Plan and Standby Makeup Artist

Make sure you have a budget set aside to cater to your makeup. Understand what products you are paying for to determine if they are worth it. Have a plan B in case of cancellation from your makeup artist. It will cost more, but having a standby makeup artist will give you peace of mind if your main one fails.

Let Them Know The Venue

It is essential to let your makeup artist know the location of your wedding. Outdoor weddings can be hectic for some makeup artists due to external factors like wind and sand. Some makeup artists prefer an enclosed place where they can do the makeup without any interruptions. 

Therefore, it is essential to have the makeup artist visit your venue to know what they will be working with on your wedding day. They will see whether they need other things to make their work easier on your wedding day. You want to avoid having an uncomfortable makeup artist because that will make you uncomfortable.

Don't Forget Your Hair

Who would forget about their hair, you ask. Well, when planning a wedding, everything can overwhelm you to the point of forgetting seemingly apparent things. It is important that when deciding on the makeup artist, you also plan on getting a hairstylist. 

These two go hand in hand; bad hair will ruin correctly done makeup. Therefore, it is vital to decide how you want your hair done to compliment your makeup. You can have the makeup artist and hairstylist meet to plan and know how to work together. To make it easier, you can ask the makeup artist to refer you to a hairstylist they have worked with before. Having a hairstylist referred to you by your makeup artist saves you the bustle of looking for one by yourself. You can also feel safe that your hair and makeup are taken care of.

Remember Your Bridesmaids and Family

You must remember your bridesmaids, mother’s and unique guest makeup even if you are not paying for it. Having a group in need of makeup services may qualify you for a discount, which will help with your budget. Therefore, remember to mention it to the potential makeup artist to make it easier for them to plan prior. 

Having your makeup done by one artist also creates uniformity, which is great because these people will appear in your wedding pictures.

Take Care of Your Skin

You should always take care of your skin, and when it comes to a wedding, you should ensure your skin is flawless. Weeks to your wedding, it is crucial to get a facial done to get rid of dead flaky skin. 

You also need to avoid foods and activities that can trigger skin reactions. Don’t try any new products on your face to prevent irritation. For instance, if you have a black under the eye, get a gentle under-eye cream to fade that. Take care of black spots and freckles by exfoliating your skin. Flawless skin ensures that your makeup sits perfectly and requires fewer products to cover imperfections.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional


One less thing to worry about

Wedding planning is tedious, and you’re always wondering if your vendors will deliver. Having a professional makeup artist will ease the burden of worrying about your makeup. A makeup artist will come to where you are and remain for the rest of the day if you need any touch-ups.

If you decide to do your makeup, you will have to wake up early, prepare and get to work. Considering how tiring it can be planning the wedding, doing your makeup can be a task.

A Makeup Artist Know What Works and What Doesn't

Having a professional artist guarantees that you get a makeup look that works with the weather and looks great on the wedding pictures. If you have sensitive skin, a professional will choose products that will not irritate your skin and cause breakouts. They will also be able to pick the makeup that tears will not ruin; well, a wedding can be emotional. You don’t want mascara and eyeliner running down your face at that particular moment with your partner.

You would not know what makeup looks and products work for you even if you know how to do makeup. Wedding makeup is not like everyday makeup; thus, having someone help you is a great idea.

You Rest and Get Pampered

You do not want to be overwhelmed on your wedding day. It is vital that you enjoy the day and not have to worry about your makeup. When you hire a professional, your work will be cut out for you. All you have to do in the morning is wake up and take a bath. You want to start the day stress-free. The least you can do for yourself and your partner after months of planning is to pamper yourself. It will also set a good mood for your wedding.

On the other hand, doing your makeup will stress you out because you have a million other things to worry about.

A Professional Will Apply Makeup Perfectly

You will be nervous on your wedding day, and a professional makeup artist knows what works and what doesn’t. Their experience allows them to do makeup flawlessly and quickly. A makeup artist has performed under pressure and knows what to do, even intense moments. All you have to do is show up, sit, relax and get your face done. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about looking like a zombie or getting late for your wedding.

You might think that wedding makeup will be a walk in the park because you do your everyday makeup. It is a day like no other; you will be anxious, emotional, and terrified, making it difficult for you to concentrate on doing your makeup.



Hiring a makeup artist is expensive, especially if you are working on a tight budget. As the bride, people think you will pay for your bridesmaids’ makeup, making it an expensive affair. If you still want to hire a makeup artist, you could get a makeup artist that gives discounts to groups, or you could have the bridesmaids pay for their makeup. You might feel bad asking them, but you will save yourself from having no money left after the wedding. There is life after the wedding, always remember that.

Doing your makeup will help you a lot because you don’t have to spend anything other than the makeup products.

One More Vendor to Worry About

Hiring a makeup artist means that you now have one more vendor that is concerning. It can be tiring researching, getting reviews, and finding the right makeup artist. Dealing with many vendors can be hectic because you have to follow up on each one of them to make sure they deliver. You can ensure that you meet your makeup artist weeks before your wedding for planning and mock makeup to feel your wedding makeup. Meeting with your makeup artist also allows you to plan and personally express what you expect of them.

When you do your makeup, there’s no vendor to worry about. You can trust yourself to show up to your wedding, right?

Worried You'll Look Too Different

Makeup is excellent at enhancing your most preferred features; however, it can sometimes look unnatural. You might be worried that the makeup will make you look different. If you are used to doing your makeup or have never had makeup before, you will worry if your makeup will look natural. You can avoid this by having your makeup artist do a mock makeup look similar to what you want on your wedding day and see how it looks on you. You can then change and alter what you don’t like through your makeup artist’s help.

You never have to worry about this when doing your makeup because you will have already done it before and know what works for sure. You are also at liberty to change things up to suit the look you want. 


Whether hiring a makeup artist or doing your makeup, it is crucial to weigh in on the factors above to ensure you make the right decision. Whatever you do, ensure that you are not straining yourself financially or otherwise; your wedding day is for you to enjoy, not worrying about a million things. It is a special day; your focus is to be happy and make it memorable. So whatever you do, make sure whoever is doing your makeup is a person that is easy to work with and can replicate what you want.


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