How to apply blush to make your face look thinner

How to apply blush to make your face look thinner

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In an ideal world, we’d have naturally chiseled cheekbones, tan in all the right places, and a flush of color on the cheeks to tie it all together! But if we’re honest, the online world gets the best of us sometimes. And while the road to healthy eating and working out is a long and gradual one, there’s one makeup item that can take pounds off of your face within minutes, and no, it’s not your typical and harsh-looking contour but rather your blush!

Most people like applying blush to the apples of their cheeks, and while it adds that youthful touch, it also tends to make your face appear rounder than it already is. Hence, the first step to thinning down your face with makeup is by ditching your old ways of applying blush to the apples of your cheeks and adopt the age-old technique of blush draping! This is sculpting your face to look thinner. 

Let’s go into more detail. 

What is blush draping?

Blush draping is also known as blush contouring, a trend made famous by Cher’s makeup artist back in the ’70s and ’80s, and if you’ve ever envied Cher’s iconic cheekbones, the good news is that the trend is making a hot comeback this year. Blush draping primarily involves your blush being used to sculpt and lift the face to enhance the structure without worrying about a muddy contour stripe.

To get the most chiseled cheekbones, switch your cool-toned contour shade with your blush, i.e apply the blush exactly where you would apply your contour which is in the hollows of the cheeks to create shadows. Be sure that you don’t bring your blush on the apples of your cheek because that will create the illusion of a rounder face which is the last thing you want! The ideal place to stop the placement of blush would be right at the pupil of your eye when you look straight.

What finish of the blush should I use for blush draping?

When it comes to creating shadows on the face for the appearance of a thinner face, the ideal finish would be a matte blush; if you love a slight glow, you can take it up a notch with a satin finish demi-matte to achieve the desired results. 

Shimmery blushes tend to have a ton of reflective pigments in them which, when hit with light, enhance the area they’re applied to, so it’s wise to steer clear of any overly shimmery blush for this technique. If you love your glow, you can always go in with your highlighter to add life back to your skin but for this technique, stick to matte blushes. 

The shade of your blush also plays a crucial role in getting the full benefit from this technique. We recommend taking a blush that’s slightly darker than your skin tone and compliments your undertone. Going in with a sheer blush that barely shows up on the skin will only cost you time to build the intensity for the desired result, so it’s best to start with a more opaque yet blendable formula, be it cream, liquid, or powder.

Swap your bronzer for blush

We all love a good tan, and what the sun fails to do, we mimic with our bronzer. But for once, try swapping bronzer with blush, sweep it across the temples, a little bit on the chin and tip of your nose to get the warmth you’ve been craving! And the best part is that you can opt for the finish you like, matte, cream, and shimmer, experiment, and see what works the best for you!

Blush instead of bronzer

Give the illusion of a lower hairline with blush!

Did you know that blush can give the appearance of a lower hairline, which hello who would mind?  If a receding hairline is one of your top concerns and contouring scares you, try going in with a matte or a satin finish blush on the temples to shorten the forehead and give the illusion of a lower hairline.

If you have balding gaps in your hairline, you can also go in with an eyeshadow that matches your hair color and fill in the hairline with it. Not only will it make your hairline look fuller, but it will also keep the oils on your scalp at bay, a win-win situation if you ask us!

Accentuate your jawline with blush!

Not all of us are born with sharp jawlines, and on top of that, most of us love our carbs, and our jawline clearly shows it with no shame! To enhance your natural jawline, you can use your matte blush the same way you would use a contour shade to sharpen up the jawline. Start by applying the blush shade from your jaw’s back to the chin and blend to reveal a much natural yet chiseled-looking jawline!

Say goodbye to that double chin with your blush!

Your lower face will at some point begin to lose its elasticity as you age, leaving behind an unflattering lax double chin, but you can hide it with your blush!

Take a matte blush and go slightly below the chin on the underside to create a triangular shape. The base of the triangle is directly under the chin.

it’s easier to use a smaller brush when making the triangle and then switch to a fluffier brush to blend the triangle down into nothing. So basically a triangle under the chin blended down to the neck. We know this sounds a little complicated, but trust us, the results will blow your mind away!

Raise your cheekbones with your blush!

Want to look youthful without doing blush on the apples of your cheek? We’ve got you! Pick any satin finish or blush with the slightest sheen and place it onto the tops of your cheekbone for a more youthful yet lifted glow without the added roundness!

Fake a nose job with your blush!

If you love contouring your nose and hate how harsh it looks during the day, try contouring it with your blush. Take a small detailing brush and draw two lines down the sides of your nose to slim down the nose, place a little bit on the tip of your nose and blend it away with a fluffy brush for a soft, natural nose job without actually having to go under the knife!

Lift the eyes with your blush!

You’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t seen those crazy eye-lifting hacks involving you tying your hair tighter to change the shape of your eye. While it may give you a drastic result, it’s just not worth it in the long term because of the headaches and receding hairline that it can cause; yikes! 

You can achieve a very similar, if not that drastic, effect by placing your blush towards the end of your eye and taking it up to your hairline for a well-lifted eye! Blend the blush into your transition color for a smooth and non-detectable lift, and voila!

Lift Eyes with Blush


When placed correctly, your blush will do wonders for your face, especially this year where minimal makeup is making a big comeback on the runways and day-to-day life. All of the suggestions listed above collectively will work wonders when you want to make your face look thinner with blush.


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