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Makeup To Go Kit ($60)

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The makeup to go kit includes: 

3-in1 palette (Highlighter, Contour & Blush) 
1 Nude lipstick 
1 Red lipstick 
1 Double ended brush 
1 Makeup sponge 
2 Empty cosmetic containers 
1 Makeup bag 

Worry-Free Palette ($20)

3-in-1 pallet

3-in1 palette (Highlighter, Contour, Blush)

Nude Lipstick ($15)

Nude Lipstick

Long lasting liquid nude lipstick 

Red Lipstick ($15)

Red Lipstick

Long lasting red lipstick

Double Ended Brush ($20)

Double Ended Brush

Double ended to go brush that can fit in you purse. Has two different brushes to apply any product. 

Makeup Sponge ($8)

Makeup Sponge

The makeup sponge is a high quality makeup applicator for broad or precise application. 

EYELASHES ($20 Each)


Are you looking for volume?

Frisky lashes create a full wispy look. It is super light and has a thin band. These lashes are not too long for those with longer lashes and want more volume.

 Frisky lashes are great for a party look or if you want your eye to pop.

20X Reusable
3D Mink


Are you looking for the perfect pair?

Lavish Lashes have the best of both worlds. They are dramatic and have a bit of volume all in one. The band is thin and is super easy to apply on. These lashes have a unique double pattern all around the band to give you the volume and slightly have the increase of length from the inner to the outer lashes. Giving it a natural look.

Lavish lashes are for any occasion or any unique looks you would be creating from soft to dramatic.

20X Reusable
3D Mink


Are you looking to dazzle someone with those eyes?

Dazzle lashes are the perfect pair! The
band is thin and is super easy to apply on. These lashes have a unique V-Pattern that gives you beautiful girls a full volume look.

Dazzle is perfect to wear during the day without any makeup, and those eyes will definitely dazzle someone or when you are all ready for a night out.

20X Reusable
3D Mink


Are you looking for dramatic lashes?

Butterfly lashes give you a dramatic look!

The band is thin, making it very easy to apply on. These lashes increase in length from the inner to the outer edge but have the volume all around. Butterfly lashes are perfect for a wedding look.

20X Reusable
3D Mink


Are you looking for a natural look?

Bella lashes create a soft doll eye effect. It is super light and has a thin band. It increases in length and volume from the inner to the outer edge giving the eye a perfect yet wispy look.

Bella is perfect for a natural party glam or an everyday look.

 20X Reusable
3D Mink